#10 Envelopes



Is your company still struggling with finding the right envelopes to mail essential business documents? Say goodbye to all your business envelopes worries with Checkomatic’s extensive collection of premium #10 envelopes.

At Checkomatic, we offer a diverse assortment of #10 envelopes to fulfill all your mailing requirements. Our envelopes are made with premium quality raw materials to ensure that your documents remain safe and clean during sorting and transit.

Checkomatic’s #10 envelopes measure 4 1/8" X 9 ½”, which makes them ideal for several types of mails. You can use our variety of standard envelope sizes to send any official or personal documents such as letters, checks, invoices, and more. At Checkomatic, we also make security tinted envelopes that are ideal if you need to send confidential business documents.

You can get our business envelopes with or without windows based on the requirements of your organization. You can order them with a convenient envelope sealer that can be moistened or flipped to stick.

Here are some of the #10 envelopes you can choose from at Checkomatic:

  • Regular business envelopes

  • Window envelopes

  • Security tinted envelopes

  • Flip & stick security tinted envelopes

  • Flip & stick window security tinted envelopes

At Checkomatic, we understand that a mail envelope used for business correspondence needs to look professional. You might use them to send documents to your customers, so the envelopes must create a good impression of your brand. That’s why we ensure that all business envelopes made at Checkomatic meet the highest industry standards.

We are sure that our envelopes will be your first choice when it comes to mailing important documents such as checks, invoices, insurance letters, tax filings, vouchers, and more. While our envelopes come with an irresistible price tag, we also offer added discounts on bulk orders to all our customers.



#10 White Endoc Envelopes

Whether you’re heading a large corporation, running a bootstrapped startup, or managing an educational institute, keeping a stack of blank and pre-printed business envelopes handy is always a good idea. From checks, bills, and invoices to accounting statements, legal agreements, and essays - you can use #10 business envelopes to send a plethora of documents. If you’ve been looking for premium, durable, and pocket-friendly #10 business envelopes, your search ends at Checkomatic.

Are you wondering what’s a #10 envelope and why it’s so popular?

While there isn’t a clear definition, the standard #10 regular envelope size is 4 ⅛” x 9 ½”. The optimal size makes these envelopes suitable for a wide array of personal and business correspondence needs. They’re ideal for accommodating business checks as well as standard return envelopes.

The best part is that we offer a broad spectrum of customization options for our #10 business envelopes. You can even get your company logo and address printed in black and white for free. Or you can avail of color printing options for a nominal extra cost. This can go a long way to reinforce your brand image and ensure that your correspondence stands out amidst a stack of unopened mail.

We also recommend that you always keep a stack of blank #10 envelopes. These are particularly useful when you’ve run out of pre-printed envelopes and need to urgently mail a few documents. Plus, the pristine white color ensures that your correspondence makes a lasting impression on every recipient.

That’s not all!

We take the utmost care to ensure that each regular #10 envelope is made using premium quality paper. We follow strict quality control protocols to ensure that our #10 business envelopes can withstand rigorous office use and remain undamaged during transit.

At Checkomatic, we take pride in offering #10 regular business envelopes at the most affordable prices. Plus, you can leverage attractive discounts on bulk orders. For orders of 25,000+ envelopes, we recommend that you call us to receive tailor-made discounts. Don’t forget to avail of our rush delivery options including next-day shipping.



#10 White Tinted Endoc Envelopes

Finding the best #10 security envelopes on the internet is a herculean task. The abundant variety of available options often becomes overwhelming. In such a scenario, how do you go about selecting the right size 10 security envelopes for your business?

The answer is fairly simple. You buy #10 security tint envelopes from Checkomatic. Whether you want to mail checks, bills, and invoices, or important business contracts, we provide the best #10 security envelopes for all your needs. And our #10 security envelopes are suitable for professional as well as personal use.

That’s not all!

We use premium heavy-duty paper to ensure that you only receive the best #10 security envelopes. These envelopes are designed to be sturdy and remain undamaged during transit. The inner security tint also prevents any third-party from getting a glimpse of your mail without opening it. This makes our #10 security tint envelopes ideal for sending confidential business correspondence.

The best part is that our #10 security tint envelopes come with a wide array of customization options. From your company logo to the return address - you can get just about any information printed on these envelopes. While black and white printing is available for free, color printing options are available for a nominal charge.

The elegant white color and premium finish of these envelopes ensures that your mails always make a lasting impression on the recipients. Whenever you order #10 security tint envelopes from Checkomatic, you also get access to attractive discounts and rush delivery options.



#10 White Tinted Flip & Stick Endoc Envelopes

Are you looking for a secure and cost-effective way of sending confidential business correspondence? At Checkomatic, we understand the importance of secure envelopes for sending checks, invoices, bills, and other official documents. That’s why we offer high-quality flip and stick envelopes secured with tinted interiors. With our security tint envelopes, you no longer have to worry about sending crucial business information.

These envelopes come in a standard size of 4 ⅛” x 9 ½” and are made using premium 24 lb paper. While the interior is tinted for security purposes, the exterior is typically kept white for a premium and professional look. You can, however, get your custom artwork printed on these envelopes or even order colored ones.

You can also get your company logo and address printed on these envelopes in black and white for free. Color printing options are available too for a nominal charge. All ur self-seal envelopes are made using high-quality raw materials to prevent any wear and tear during transit.

And the best part is that you don’t have to manually glue each envelope every time you send any correspondence. All you have to do is flip the self-adhesive flap and let it work its magic. Apart from ensuring secure and neat closure, the self-adhesive flap saves you plenty of time and effort.

At Checkomatic, we take pride in offering premium flip and stick envelopes at the most affordable rates. Generous discounts are also applicable when you place bulk orders. If you order your #10 self-sealing security tint envelopes now, we can get them delivered as soon as tomorrow.



#10 White Window Endoc Envelopes

#10 White Window Tinted Endoc Envelopes

Are you a business owner who regularly makes check payments to vendors, employees, creditors, and other stakeholders? Or perhaps you need to mail invoices, bills, and contracts? Whatever your business correspondence needs, Checkomatic’s #10 white window envelopes are perfect for you.

Measuring 4 ⅛” x 9 ½”, #10 single-window envelopes can be used for a wide range of business correspondence. From checks and invoices to agreements and receipts - you can mail just about anything using these envelopes. They also come with a moisture-activated gummed seal to ensure that your documents remain safe and undamaged during transit.

These envelopes also come with an inner security tint to ensure that your correspondence is inaccessible to any third party. It makes them ideal for sending confidential and sensitive business documents.

That’s not all!

The best part about ordering #10 security tint envelopes from Checkomatic is that they come with a multi-purpose window. You can use the window to display the recipient’s information. It saves you from the trouble of manually writing mailing addresses and other details. The pristine white color makes these envelopes look even more elegant. You can also choose the double window variant to display your company logo, address, and other information.

Plus, the #10 left-window envelopes are made using heavy-duty 24 lb paper, which ensures that they remain unscathed during transit. Available quantities range between 500 and 25,000. For orders exceeding 25,000 envelopes, we recommend that you call us to get a customized quote. If you’re in dire need of checks, don’t forget to select one of our affordable rush delivery options while placing your order.



#10 White Window Tinted Flip & Stick Endoc Envelopes

Do you often struggle to find secure and durable business envelopes to send confidential information? At Checkomatic, we believe that envelopes play a crucial role in making a lasting impression on recipients. If you’re looking to invest in premium security tinted envelopes, we have just the right solution for you.

Our flip and stick security tinted blank envelopes with window are suitable for businesses that need to send confidential documents through mail. Available in various different sizes, these envelopes are ideal for mailing sensitive business correspondence.

The security tint inside these envelopes ensures that no one can read the sensitive information inside the mails, while the window displays the name and address of the recipient. This saves you the hassle of manually writing the recipients’ details on every envelope.

Our with-window self-seal business envelopes with security tint are made using premium quality durable material to ensure that your high-priority documents aren’t damaged in transit. 

Still skeptical about ordering security tint business envelopes online?

Here are a few notable features of Checkomatic’s with-window security tinted self-seal envelopes:

  • They’re perfect for mailing all kinds of sensitive business documents such as checks, invoices, and more.

  • We make them with durable 24lb white woven paper to ensure sturdiness. 

  • The security tint business envelopes are 4 ⅛" X 9 ½” in size, which provides adequate space for all kinds of documents. 

  • The flip & stick flaps make the envelopes self-sealing. 

  • The flaps on our security tinted self-seal envelopes are placed on the long side, which makes it convenient to place folded documents inside them.

  • The window ensures that businesses save time and maximize productivity. 

  • The pristine white color creates a neat and professional exterior.

  • You can get your black and white company logo and other details printed on these envelopes for free.

  • Color printed options are also available for a nominal cost.

At Checkomatic, we make sure that your security tint business envelopes with address windows look professional and keep your documents safe and secure. Our prices are hard to beat and we offer attractive bulk discounts.