A Few Little Quickbooks Checks Tips For Working With Several Program Versions

Did you know that you can use several versions of Quickbooks on one computer?

They will all interact with Quickbook Checks. How easy it is to forget that it’s important to know what version your file was created with. If you don’t know when you open it to work with, you can right click the file and select properties, it will tell you what version of the program your file was created with. Once you are aware what version the file that you are working on was created with its important to only make changes in the file with that version. If you no not your Quickbooks Checks may not print correctly or at all. It may be obvious to most yet it does happen. You start to make changes and presto you have not confirmed what version it was originally created on, your day has been thrown into chaos. Keeping track of multiple versions of QB is much easier than one might think. You have grown to rely on the professional image your QuickBook Check give to your day to day activities. Nothing to worry about, the best way to keep track is to have a file on you C drive called of all things QB, under that you can have a folder with each year’s version you may need to work with. Sometimes the list may be long depending on weather this is for personal or business use. Don’t forget each time you add a new program to your computer, you do not want to allow the set up program to use the default setting or it will overwrite all of your hard work and organizational strategies. So what do you do you may ask? Make sure you choose browse and manually select your QB file and create a folder for that year’s version. Don’t worry they will all write to Quickbooks Checks, just as long as you keep each version from being overwritten. Now that you have your computer files organized to keep track of the multiple versions you may need to work with, don’t forget that the desktop icon for each will look exactly the same. Your Quick launch bar will also show you the same icon for each version. Don't forget that if you make any changes with a new version your Quickbooks Checks may not print properly. What you need to do is roll your cursor over each of the icons and the information bubble with tell which version. Now you can click on the one that you need to work with. Occasionally you may still end up on the wrong year, just right click check properties and you are ready to print your Quickbooks Checks. One last issue that may concern you, what do you do with Premier or Pro versions of the program? You should be able to work with any version of the program; the important thing is the year of the program. In most cases Quickbooks Checks will print from either basic, Pro or Premier versions from the same year.

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