Are you switching to a new business software?!

Should you decide to switch over to a new business book keeping software like from Quicken to QuickBooks or any other software for that metter, you should take in consideration one small thing that may get you stuck latter in the process. 

Business checks, there are a few different types of business checks paper, checks on top and on middle and also on the bottom, every software is using a different type of business checks, what you can do is use our online selector by going to our business checks order page and select your software to see the type of business checks your new software is using. You may need to order new business checks before switching over to your new software so you do not get stuck.   QuickBooks, Quicken or Microsoft Money ? Are you looking for an accounting software to handle your finance and to print your computer checks, and can't decide which program would be best for you?!Ok so you probably know by now that the programs most popular for personal or small business use are QuickBooks, Quicken & Microsoft Money, so here is what you need to know Quicken and Microsoft Money are really similar programs, but Quicken is mostly used for personal finances, and QuickBooks is an Accounting Program used for small to medium sized businesses, Microsoft Money is also to keep track of personal finances. It's just a matter of your personal preference as to which one you like more. When you order Computer Checks online for your business or your personal needs, you should be aware that each software may use a different type of check paper, like checks on top or on middle, so here on our Laser Checks order page Cheap Quickbooks Checks you will find a drop down with all accounting software used to print computer checks, just select your software and we will display the type of check paper used with your software.

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