Benefits Of Using Double Window Envelopes

Many small businesses are looking for ways to cut costs and be more efficient in every way possible.

Using double window envelopes is one of the small but significant ways to improve your bottom line. Benefits of Double Window Envelopes Double window envelopes give a professional appearance in all of your business transactions. Often, when you use a double window envelop, it is for mailing business checks or for sending invoices to customers. Using this type of envelope allows customers and vendors to quickly determine who the mail is from and what type of mail they are receiving. Another benefit to double window envelopes is that they are time efficient. Instead of having to print both the item to be mailed and an envelope address or mailing labels, you can simply fold that item appropriately and stick it in the envelope. This saves time by reducing the number of steps needed to prepare mail and also money in printer ink or toner. Double window envelopes also have several safety features built into them. Often, they are printed on paper that has watermarks on it and is protected from the ability to see what is inside the envelope. You can order double window envelopes in many different colors. Many business owners prefer to order double window envelopes in shades that compliment their business checks, stationary or printed logo. If you are using double window envelopes for direct marketing programs or for sending promotional materials, you can also order them in distinctive colors that will make your mail stand out to potential customers. Choosing a Size and Shape Double window envelopes are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Some business managers choose large double window envelopes for sending invoices, business proposals and other items to their customers, since they prefer not to fold correspondence. For other items, such as business checks, you might choose a standard envelope size. Another consideration for choosing a double window envelope is the weight of the paper. Twenty pound envelope paper is very lightweight and can save you on mailing costs. However, some managers prefer to use a heavier 24 pound envelope paper to give their envelopes and correspondence a heavier presence when clients hold the items. Recycling Concerns Not all recycling programs are equipped to handle double window envelopes with plastic windows. There are double window envelopes that have thin paper windows as an alternative to plastic windows. You might contact your local recycling program to ask what they recommend if you decide you want to use double window envelopes for your business correspondence. If you are looking for simple ways to save money on business costs, consider using double window envelopes. They are professional, easy to use and save time and money.

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