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January 8, 2018

Dear January,

The first calendar month represents the opening chapter of a new 365-day journey. It’s a time for fresh starts, renewed focus and better business outlook. Like a blank sheet of paper, January offers infinite possibility for change, and the chance to improve your operations despite problems of the past. Don’t you want that ‘fresh’ page to be thick, heavy, secure—and thoroughly compatible? As always, Check O Matic saves the day.

Get your Quick fix

Welcome 2018 by streamlining your business invoice and payroll administration. Instead of wasting precious time and resources on manual check-writing and other tedious tasks, make the most of your existing accounting software. Businesses using QuickBooks™ or Quicken™ can order fully compatible check paper on our website in just 3 simple steps.

Check O Matic delivers a superior checking experience across the board with custom color and font, preprinted account information and billing addresses, optional security features, as well as competitive bulk pricing. Choose heavy, professional-looking paper styled with the check on top, or save space with 3 copies per page. Go big with our QuickBooks™ check starter pack, and you’ll take home envelopes, deposit slips and all.

In case you forgot, we can also customize your paper with original color logos and additional signature lines. Need personalized business checks fast? Select from two affordable rush options to expedite your order just in time for payday. Forge a fresh partnership with Check O Matic this month, and the deal gets even sweeter.

Hurry—time flies at laser (or inkjet) speed

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check paper

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October 23, 2017

with checks and envelopes designed for defense

Shouldn’t every office product offer superior security? An important part of doing business is protecting the privacy of your company and clients. But sadly, so many suppliers cut corners in order to save money, producing paper that’s thin, weak, transparent and fraught with shoddy features that make it an easy target for intrusion.

That’s why Check O Matic puts huge stock in security, innovating new ways for you to safeguard confidential information while ensuring every letter arrives at its destination intact and tamper free. From employee paychecks and customer invoices to classified paperwork and important memos, there’s no reason to skimp on safety features.

First, cash in on a secure approach to payroll with computer check paper with multi-point fraud protection including official micro text bordering, signature endorsement and marble-patterned background. Pair these professional sheets with premium #10 flip and stick envelopes featuring opaque tinting, tamper-evident seals and tear resistance, and you’ve got a dependable duo to take on the most determined thieves and vandals.

This month, take a minute to assess the security of your office supplies.

Your friends at Check O Matic remind you:

Safe correspondence is smart correspondence!

Monthly Special


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24lb #10 Security Tint Envelopes (pack of 250+)

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December 16, 2013

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