Printed Business Checks

Whether providing a service or product, catering to clients with large amounts of discretionary money or focused on basic goods and services, a new company or long standing, all businesses are in the business of making money. The ability to track cash flow, the ability to track expenses vs. income, and the ability to measure profits are important aspects of the success of your company. Simple things can make a difference in your ability to calculate your achievements.

One vital tool is accounting software, enabling you to track all transactions. There are several good financial software packages to choose from, and all print checks tied directly to the software and your accounting files. Printing business checks on the computer will save time, reduce mistakes, and keep accurate records. All information is automatically filled in on the computer, and you have an exact record of recipients, amounts, accounts, dates.

Custom Business Checks

An important part of account tracking is the format of the business checks. First determine which checks are compatible to the accounting software. This will be important as the software auto populates, fills in, the information. Some popular choices for accounting software are Quicken, Intuit, Microsoft Money, and MYOB Checks. Especially popular is QuickBooks as it makes sure that printed business checks numbers match the number it maintains in the online check register. Within the parameter of the compatible checks, you are able to choose the format. This correlates with the number of vouchers you want for your files. For example, checks on top are well suited to the aforementioned software packages and provide two separate vouchers. Other options include checks in the middle and checks on the bottom; both options provide two voucher copies. There is an option of three checks on a page well suited to Quicken accounting software.

At Check-O-Matic, an online Discount Business Checks provider, all printed checks can be ordered for ink jet or laser printers. Laser checks provide added security features. They have a large selection of colors and designs options. Professionally printed business checks and envelopes will enhance your company image. You are able to upload the company logo for free, and this and all information is kept in your file for easy and quick reordering. Check-O-Matic has great prices and personalized custom service. You can expect orders to arrive in 3-5 days. Look for special offers on the website.