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When it comes to make a choice of what sort of discount business checks you need, everyone has their preferences for things they regularly use. People are pretty set in what works best for them; for example, cream in the coffee-not black, Good Morning America vs. the Today Show, Elliptical over cross-country walker. In the office few folks are using the old typewriter; many younger workers don’t even know what that is.


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Financial software has made accounting activities for medium and small business much easier. New users may complain that the initial training is a little tough, but once trained, there is no going back. Suddenly, accounts are tied to all records. You are able to access customers, employees, or venders, and online banking with just a click. Information, that at one time took hours to gather, appears as if by magic. When a bill comes in, you can tag it for a pay date, and on the date be reminded. The check is processed automatically. All pertinent information is transferred from the account to the check and check numbers are recorded in the chart of accounts.

Computer, ink jet and laser printed business checks, are available in several formats. You will choose based on the functions of your accounting and how many copies of checks you need. Some businesses are well suited with simply having the check recorded into the files. Others prefer a separate hard copy for their files and need extra copies for venders and employees.

Another business check format choice is 3 on a page. This voucher less check sheet is ideal for printing out multiple end of the month checks. Three on a page check sheets are compatible with the QuickBooks financial software, and are a frequent choice for both business and personal use. You can pick the color and style to match your business stationary. All business information is professionally printed on these checks, including the logo. Check-O-Matic Business Checks and Envelopes has a selection of all these business check formats and more. They upload your logo at no charge, and guarantee that you get discount business checks at cheap cost.

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