How to Write Business Checks

Writing business checks is different from writing normal personal checks. This is due to the fact that the business checks are more detailed and they provide information for you and the payee about how the payments are to be applied. The Multi Purpose Business Checks also come in duplicate or triplicate copies for further reference and unlike the personal checks; they may require more than one signature. The following are some tips on how to write business checks.

Gather all the required information. The first thing that you need to do is to get all the details that are to be included in the business checks. You should have the names of all the payees and their addresses. You should also have information on the amount of invoices to be paid and the total amount. If you are using a computerized accounting program, you should select each invoice and account for payment and make sure you print out a report of the business checks for future reference.

Align the business checks. You should align the checks on the printer if you are using a computerized program or arrange them in order if you are writing them manually. You should then indicate all the information on the business checks and make sure that they are verified before printing. Include all the payments for the invoices and the total amount.

Print and proof read your business checks. You should then proof read the business checks so as to check for any errors. You should then register the checks in a book so as to get them for future reference. If you are using a computerized accounting program, you should make a backup of the data and if a separate authorization step is required for the business checks, you should include it in this step.

Fill out the business checks. You should then get the signatures on the check from the authorized person. Some checks need multiple authorizations and therefore you should get all persons to sign the checks before handing them over. You should then make the final proof reading and post the business checks to the payee using the recommended contact channel.

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