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Quickbooks is a widely used program for small business accounting. Profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and other financial reports can be generated with a few clicks of the mouse. Business owners can quickly see important information such as how much is owed to them and how much they owe to others, what bills are coming due in the near future, and account balances. With Quickbooks, a lot of the repetitive grunt work is done by the program. Keeping the books manually, on the other hand, requires writing down the same transaction in each of the affected ledgers. (And ending up with writer's cramp and eyestrain.)

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Some businesses write only a handful of checks each month. Those businesses can write the checks by hand and enter them into the system manually. For most companies, however, a better option is using Business Checks for Quickbooks. Printed checks are also neater and more legible, even for those with good handwriting. A printed check presents a more serious, professional image. That, along with volume, is why printed checks have become the norm for businesses.

This process also makes certain mistakes less likely. For example, if multiple bills are being paid with the same check, Quickbooks calculates the total amount automatically. Computers, unlike people, always do the arithmetic correctly. Other common mistakes, such as incorrect dates, might also be avoided through the use of Quickbooks business checks.

The checks are printed on letter-sized stock and divided into three sections. The top section is the check. The middle and bottom thirds are check stubs. These will contain information on the bills being paid, usually the account number or invoice number. This helps because if more than one bill is being paid, the information might not fit on the memo line of a traditional check. Most business owners will want to send the top two sections to the vendor and save the bottom third for their own files, although some vendors will need only the check.

Business checks for Quickbooks can be customized for your company. Preprinted business checks for Quickbooks will have the company's name and contact information, routing number and bank account number, and the individual check numbers printed in the appropriate places. In other words, they are just like any other preprinted checks with the exception of being designed for a printer. Like standard checkbook style checks, business checks for Quickbooks can be made with specific designs such as a company logo watermark or standard clip art related to the company's line of business.

There are many sources where preprinted Quickbooks business checks are available. offers computer checks for multiple accounting programs. We also have a starter kit that includes 250 checks and various accessories like deposit slips, window envelopes and an endorsement stamp. This kit should be enough to cover the needs of your business.

Business Checks for Quickbooks


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