Printed Envelopes

Printed Business Envelopes

A certain confidence comes from knowing that one is using the correct tools for any job. A carpenter showing up with broken, dirty tools will probably do shoddy work. An architect who shows up with a school ruler and post-it-notes will not get the job. There is a certain expectation about how a business operates when you hire its services. Additionally, for the person doing the job, the right tools and equipment are a benefit. Even the smallest detail is important, such as printed envelopes. The right tools, equipment, and supplies make any job faster, more accurate, cheaper, and better looking.

Printed Envelopes To begin, printed envelopes have all the contact information about your company printed on them. Pretty obvious, but this is a time saver as the person sending out mail need not manually write the company name address, and phone number over and over. Also, company logos can be printed on the envelope, making your company name readily identifiable, which increases branding. Mailings, invoices, payroll checks, and everyday correspondence is simply inserted into professionally printed business envelopes and mailed; thereby, making mailings more expedient. More accuracy goes without saying as the Printed Business Envelopes are not manually written out each and every time a letter or check leaves the office. Surprisingly, it is often the mundane, routine jobs that can produce the most errors. Mindless chores are more prone to mistakes.

Another benefit to having a stock of printed business envelopes is that they are cheaper in the long run. Apart from the few minutes saved on writing them out, and the money saved from fewer mistakes, a supply of printed business envelopes, when purchased from a money saving source, will save the company money on supplies.

Finally, when a company sends out professionally printed envelopes, it reflects a professional attitude about the way it does business. Professionally printed business envelopes show a permanency and attention to detail clients will appreciate and will identify as part of a quality work ethic.

When you choose a reliable provider who will guarantee the lowest prices, offers free uploads of company logos, has 3-5 day shipping, faster delivery when needed, and reduces prices for bulk orders, the money saving results are a clear benefit to the bottom line. Check-O-Matic Checks and Envelopes, an online provider offer all this plus personalized customer service. Faster, better, cheaper can be a good thing!

Check-O-Matic has all styles and sizes to match your Printed envelopes needs, all envelopes are in stock, ready to ship. Design printed envelopes your way, plus you may add your company logo to it for free.

Options for Printed Envelopes

Printed envelopes are a great way to make your mailings stand out from the rest. Make yours unique by choosing an eye-catching combination of color, weight, size, finish, and design. Let your creativity shine to get attention, enhance your company's recognition factor, and improve response to your material. Adding your logo is only the beginning. Everybody does that. It's a great first step, but you can do a lot better.

Call to Action

Depending on what you're mailing, a call to action on the outside of the envelope is a great attention-getter. Make your mailing seem urgent by adding a time-sensitive deadline. Urgency adds punch to your mailing and encourages potential customers to examine the information you worked so hard to put in their hands.


The first consideration when designing custom printed envelopes to represent your business is size. Most mail comes in standard business-sized envelopes. Larger envelopes with some added heft are intriguing...and more likely to get the recipient's attention.

Full Color Graphics

Even with all the options on the market, most companies still stick a lonely logo on the corner with a return address. If you really want to make a splash, use full color graphics and an image that's impossible to ignore. You can incorporate photographs, use bright colors, or simply add some geometric interest to draw the eye.


Most mail has the same feel. Standard uncoated envelope stock does nothing to enhance the look and feel of the paper. But once in a while an envelope arrives with full cover graphics and glossy stock, and it seems like a crime to throw it out without opening. That's the wow factor you're looking for. Ask for glossy aqueous coating and a heavier paper stock to showcase your content. Match the inside to the outside for best effect.

Companies use all kinds of tricks to get customers to pay attention. Letters arrive that appear to be from your finance company turn out to be offers for an extended warranty from a third party seller, credit card companies send out letters that suggest you are pre-approved when that is not the case, and missives proudly acclaim that you've won something, but end up trying to sell something. As a result, customers are jaded and mail is less effective. To cut through the noise and make a positive impression, go for a straightforward approach, quality materials, and eye-catching design. A great deal of thought and planning goes into your mailings, and the printed envelopes is the very first thing the customer sees. Deliver your company message with style and class to help ensure that all your time and effort isn't wasted.

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