Printed envelopes

To get your important business documents out on their way to their final destination you will need printed envelopes that speak of class and beauty.

Style and great color is what decides the best printed business envelops you use in your business. At check-o-matic, we offer these plus much more.

The envelopes we design for your business are high quality, classy and excellent in all aspects. You will have the pleasure of picking the best designs for your printed business envelopes. Our experts will help you pick the designs free of charge.

You are also allowed to customize the Printed Envelopes to suit your business needs. You can easily decide to put your business signature and logo on the envelopes. Also, you can decide to print a returning address for clients who wish to communicate to you via the official channels you have in your business.

Still, if you wish to have blank envelopes, you will not suffer from choice but rather your range will be as wide. You can choose from our wide selections which include printed business envelopes such as: coins envelopes, window envelopes, security tint envelopes and blank envelopes. We also have envelopes that are self adhesive for simple sealing and recycled envelopes.

The size of the business envelopes you choose depend on the correspondence you are to give. We offer an inexhaustible size bank and you can thus pick from any of the sizes you need.

The variety we offer will adequately fulfill your need and keep your business needs and forms running smoothly.

QR Codes and Barcodes on Business Envelopes– Using Low-Tech Methods to Spread a High-Tech Message
With the advent of smartphones, QR codes (for Quick Response) - (as explained at - have exploded on the marketing scene. Even if you're unfamiliar with the term, you've probably seen the codes. Related to simpler bar codes, a QR code is a graphic collection of dots and lines that conveys a wealth of information to a smartphone app. Before the iPhone hit the market, QR and similar codes were used commercially, but consumers had little use for them. Starting in January of 2010, the use of QR codes has exploded. Now they are on virtually all printed material, on magazines, business envelopes, cards and flyers, signage, postcards, and brochures.

What is a QR Code?
QR codes are relatively new to the United States, but have been in use in Japan for over a decade. Denso Wave, a subsidiary of Toyota, owns the trademarked brand name QR, but has not claimed the patent rights, allowing free distribution of codes.

QR codes are complex 2D barcodes that can contain thousands of characters representing quite a lot of information. There are several QR generators online that are free to use. Business owners can enter the information they want to disseminate to customers, including links to websites or landing pages, text, phone numbers, or messaging (SMS). Use it to prompt customers to opt in to a mailing list, friend a Facebook page, download a coupon or discount, or inform customers of special offers or events.

High Tech Impact from Low Tech Media
Here's the hidden benefit of printing materials like business envelopes and cards with QR codes or barcodes. You may already know how social connections boost your search engine rank and land your web site closer to the top of the search page through traffic and links. You may even know that other types of objects – video, audio, and graphics – increase the importance and quality of your link, which adds weight to your search engine profile. You can use QR codes to connect to these relevant objects to increase traffic.

Including QR codes and barcodes on your printed business envelopes and media is like hiding an Easter egg in web code. Savvy consumers will want to know what's behind the code, and are likely to check it out. To keep them interested, give them something interesting, engaging, and fresh to return to again and again. Be consistent by adding a QR code to all your printed envelopes, including advertising, information, window envelopes and cards, and even billing. It's hard to get to the first search page, and creative use of QR codes is one more tool at your disposal. But even more important, it's a great way to engage your customers and elicit a response, a great deal of more information can be found at the Checkomatic Business Envelopes Blog.

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