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Making impressions through your business letters begin with your custom business envelopes. Check-o-matic gives you a chance to have the best high quality, easy to address and customized business envelopes.

Custom Business EnvelopesOur envelopes are tailored for the best thus, giving them a competitive edge in the business field. We have a variety from which you can choose. Ranging from blank envelopes, single window envelopes to double window envelopes, the choice you make will go a long way in ensuring that you achieve flexibility in addressing your business envelopes and creating the lasting impression you so much want to hold among your clients.

Our prices are extremely affordable for all business types and sizes. In case of bad weather, you should not worry that the envelopes will be damaged by the rain, we will deliver the envelopes! And if you need your printed business or window envelopes in rush order, we can and will deliver the business envelopes to your door as soon as next day! The fee charged is the minimum you can pay to have your business envelopes dropped at your business premise so soon.

We also print business envelopes thus, you can customize our business envelopes in your own personal style and your logo giving it a touch of your business signature. Our experts will help you pick on the best designs free of charge. We also print your envelopes to go with your company stationery, and checks. A complete match in deed which goes a long way in advertising your company as well as creating an air of seriousness and deep care for your customers.

Multi-Media Marketing: From Business Envelopes to Full Color Flyers
Social media marketing online is business' current obsession, but is it enough? That depends on the nature of your business. For all but Web-based businesses, a multi-media campaign is more effective. The problem with social media marketing for brick-and-mortar businesses is that you can engage with thousands of followers on Twitter or Facebook and still generate no walk-in business, which is what you need. In order to make your marketing efforts a success, you need to build both online and offline efforts.

When a business first moves into a community, it can be a struggle to get noticed. The bulk of your customers live within a small, localized area. The key to a successful introduction to the community must include a web page, listing in online directories, and social networking, but you should also consider flyers delivered within the immediate community and mailings to the greater local area. A small investment in paper, business envelopes, bulk-mail postage, plus a dash of creativity can help your grand opening turn out to be truly grand.

Getting Started
Before you open in a new location, consider sending out grand opening flyers. Use color, graphics, and quality paper to deliver your message and invite customers to visit your business. Don't forget the business envelope. If the outside isn't attractive, customers won't give it a second look. Here are a few tips to make your flyers worth saving.

Stunning imagery. Choose bright colors and an eye-popping image, but leave plenty of white space. One of the most common mistakes in advertising is the tendency to crowd too much information and graphics on the page. Instead, go for the simple approach. If you're opening a cupcake shop, what's more appealing than a close-up image of a beautiful, mouth-watering cupcake? Not much.

Pertinent information. Ask yourself what the customers need to know, and include that information. Hours of operation, what you sell or do, where you're located, where to get more information. Web address is important. Why? The more information customers can get online, the less likely they are to call and take time away from face-to-face service, put that all on your Printed Envelopes.

Logo. Establishing a logo is the first step to branding your business. Don't skimp on logo creation, it represents your corporate identity. Include your logo on all signage, on the web site, on correspondence, and on business envelopes. Everything associated with your business should reinforce your brand identity.

Dated material. Give your potential customers incentive with an invitation that includes a deadline. Special events, limited-time offers, and temporary discounts are a good way to get customers in the door.

Getting the customers in the door for the first time is only the beginning. Use your website and a sign-up sheet to build a mailing list, one of the most valuable tools in marketing. Keep in touch by sending out mailers via post and email. To save money, when you're ordering print materials like business envelopes and letterhead, think ahead and buy in bulk. Smaller quantities cost far more per piece.

Check out our samples and compare the beautiful varieties that we offer your business. Order today the right sizes of business envelopes for your business and enjoy the benefits of having your business envelopes from check-o-matic.

Business Envelopes


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