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Double Window Envelopes

Double Window Envelopes
Self Seal Double Window Envelopes
6 Reasons to Order Double Window Envelopes
Window envelopes bolster your professional company image and aids in brand recognition. Every correspondence mailed by a company is a direct representation of the business and leaves an impression or doesn't. Typical business correspondence might include sales flyers, catalogs, billing, customer service, company or account information, solicitations, announcements, or event notifications. Here are 6 reasons window and double window envelopes are a good investment for your company.

1. Make a great first impression. In a sea of solicitations and bills that arrive wrapped in cheap white envelopes, a unique, well-designed window envelope makes an impact before it's even opened. Customers and people you do business with notice the look, feel, and weight of the envelope and the paper inside. Quality gives a subtle impression of solidity and permanence.

2. Better retention. Studies suggest that consumers are less likely to discard an attractive, expensive-looking envelope without opening it. They'll be intrigued enough to check it out. The more eyes on your material, the better the response. Double Window envelopes where the inside material is seen easily can save your mailing from an unopened trip to the trash.

3. Save time. Your checks, invoices or other material inside can be printed with the return address and additional information, like "time sensitive" to serve as a call to action. The cost savings in terms of labor alone are worth the cost of printing.

4. Branding reinforcement. Every piece of information or correspondence from your company should be branded with your logo and company colors to reinforce your brand. Window Envelopes clearly identify with your corporate branding and are easy to find in a stack. There's also plenty of room on double window envelopes to add a company slogan.

5. More memorability. You don't go to the time and expense of mailing materials for no reason. Every piece of mail and window envelopes you send is a call to action. Whether your goal is to inform, solicit, collect, survey, or announce, you cannot meet your objectives with forgettable mail.

6. Custom sizes. Conventional double window envelopes sizes don't fit every need. You can order the size and shape you need to fit your mailing materials, even if they are a non-standard size. Oversized mail is another good way to draw attention to your mailing and make your correspondence more memorable.

The bottom line for any business is ROI return on investment. Generally speaking you can expect no more than a 3% return on direct mailing, so anything you can do to make your correspondence stand out can result in an improvement of ROI. Double Window envelopes are cheap enough to offer a great return on your investment. Compared to other advertising costs, window envelopes are an inexpensive brand ambassador for your business.
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Double Window Envelopes
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