Can I print my Laser Checks by using ms word?

I found this Q&A in yahoo answers and found it interesting, so I will post it here.
Q: Can you print Laser Checks by using ms word? 
A: First step you want to measure the blank check paper. 

In MS Word, - page setup - set up the dimensions of the paper to those of your blank check paper. Now measure the distances from the top side and left side of the blank check of each field on the laser checks where you will be entering all the TEXT. For example, where the name of the "Pay to order of" field starts, where the numerical $ amount on the check is located, the written amount, the memo line, etc. In your MS Word template create all the TEXT Boxes and place them according to your X,Y measurements. (X is the measurement from the left side, Y is the measurement from top of paper.) Do that for all of the computer checks fields where you need to enter check details. Aand now print your laser checks! TIP: If your laser checks are too small to feed into your printer, you can tach with tape or something your laser checks to an 8.5" X 11" sheet of paper and do all the above accordingly. But this is all if you don't have any other options, I would still suggest for you to get QuickBooks or Quicken and print your QuickBooks Checks or Quicken Checks the EZ way.

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