Choosing a Logo for Your Business Checks

Businesses use a variety of methods to help customers notice and remember their name. Distinctive names, catchy slogans, and memorable advertisements are all excellent options. One thing that can be used with all of these is your business logo on your Business Checks.

Color Choose a color for your logo. You want something that will be easy to see if it is printed on your stationary, business checks, vehicles, signs, and advertisements. While you can certainly use several colors it is usually best to choose one or two main colors to focus on so anything you print does not become visually overwhelming and unappealing to customers. Also consider how any of the color combinations you choose will look if printed in black and white in a newspaper advertisement or on business checks. Think about the branding put in place by popular food chains such as McDonald’s or Whataburger. The bright yellow of McDonald’s is instantly recognizable and the orange utilized by Whataburger is quite distinctive and used on everything from interior design to uniforms and paper goods. Use the same marketing strategy for your business. Even if you have to print some items in black and white you may be able to incorporate the color of your logo in other ways such as by painting your vehicle that color or issuing staff shirts that coordinate. Mascot Many companies are as well known for their mascots as they are for their company logo. The GEICO Gecko, for example, utilizes a cute mascot and the color is complementary to the company logo and used throughout their advertising campaign. If you choose a mascot to include in your logo, make sure it will be easy to print on a variety of surfaces such as t-shirts, business checks, and other promotional materials. Mascots that are popular with consumers are often illustrated such as Tony the Tiger, Toucan Sam, and Mario. Animals are also popular such as MGM’s lion, NBC’s peacock, and Borden’s cow Elsie. You could also choose a bigger than life character like the Burger King, Ronald McDonald, Wendy, or the Green Giant. How Easy is it to Do? Uploading the logo for your business checks couldn’t be easier when you use Checkomatic. You simply send your logo, preferably on a white background with black ink to [email protected] After your first order, your logo will be saved for you in our system so you will not have to repeat the process. However, if you do make changes to your logo or decide another image would work better for your business checks you would simply delete the existing logo and repeat the original uploading procedure. We hope you will allow us to work with you to make your logo a central part of your marketing strategy by including it in the design of your business checks.

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