Clever Options Available For Business And Window Envelopes

In the world of envelopes, there are literally thousands of types to choose from.

Business envelopes are not only standard-issue, as they once were, but come in an array of sizes and colors. The original 4 and 1/8 inch X 9 and 1/2 inch have lost ground to the many other interesting types available. Window envelopes also have evolved from the original design of one window of the front which lets the recipient's information show through, to the double window which also has a window for the sender's return information. Double window envelopes are fine for those who don't have millions of labels already made with their return address, ready to wet and stick. Some of those labels are peel-n-stick, which are easier yet. All of the tiny time-saving options available when you order your business envelopes really makes a big difference if you do a lot of mailings. Business's especially need the right type of envelope and since they can order in huge quantities can save a lot of money. Since business letters and correspondence are almost always typed rather than hand-written, the standard alignment for the addressee's name and address can easily be calibrated to align with the window envelopes. Business envelopes are a key tool for many companies as they carry advertisements and billing statements. Today offices have software generated programs which do all of the address printing for outgoing mail on the business envelopes. Window envelopes are made with protection of privacy a top concern since many times checks are inside. Colored patterns or squiggly lines are often found inside these envelopes to protect confidentiality of private information. It's a federal crime to tamper with any type of mail, including letters and packages. Another great marketing tool is having your company logo pre-printed on your business envelopes. Any space, no matter how tiny, that passes a multitude of potential consumers eyes is space that can be used for marketing. A logo with a witty caption that sticks in people's minds is smart marketing indeed! Window envelopes can be used in this way also. Peel and stick closures are the standard these days for business envelopes, rather than the type which had to be manually wetted with either a persons' tongue or a damp sponge. Woe to the person who had a large stack of window envelopes to seal by the tongue method, as soon they would have an accumulation of envelope glue in their mouth, making it hard to talk let alone swallow! So whether you're a large company or a normal household, it pays to spend some time looking and choosing your envelopes. Even small households will need at least one box of business envelopes on hand, for those utility service payments or any correspondence with private information included. Window envelopes are handy also, but don't work for all home purposes. A supply of standard, letter size envelopes is also handy to have on hand.

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