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Do you often struggle to mail small objects and articles such as coins, jewelry, stamps, gift cards, tickets, dollar bills, and other knick-knacks? If you enclose these articles with other objects and documents in larger envelopes, they might get misplaced or damaged. That’s why, at Checkomatic, we offer a diverse array of high-quality small coin envelopes suitable for businesses as well as individuals.

What is a Coin Envelope?

A coin envelope is typically a small-sized envelope that can be used for securely storing small parts and objects. It’s great for securely storing and transporting coins, art and craft supplies, jewelry, invites, tickets, and other small items. While such envelopes are fairly small to ship through mail, you can use them to separate individual objects in a larger package. It helps secure small items and parts and protects them from wear and tear during transit.

At Checkomatic, we believe that small coin envelopes come in handy for various purposes at home as well as office. That’s why we’ve designed these high-quality #7 white coin envelopes with superior 24 lb paper. With our coin envelopes, you no longer have to worry about small yet valuable items getting misplaced in mail.

The #7 white coin envelopes are especially popular because their dimensions (3 ½” x 6 ½”) are suitable for storing dollar bills. Plus, they’re sturdy and come with moisture-activated gummed seal flaps to ensure that the contents remain secure in transit. 

That’s not all!

Apart from blank envelopes, you can also purchase custom-printed #7 coin envelopes from Checkomatic. Get your company logo, name, and address printed on these envelopes at no extra cost. Excellent discounts are applicable to bulk orders as well.





#7 White Coin Peel & Seal Envelope