Computer Business Checks

Buying computer business checks has never been easier. Instead of having to rely on the limited selection and the often high fees offered by your bank,

companies and individuals are turning to the Internet. Buying checks online offers a much wider selection of styles and colors at a greatly reduced price. In addition, check accessories such as envelopes and customized stamps can also be purchased at the same time. When ordering computer business checks there are numerous styles from which to choose. Typically the style is chosen based on the type of software used by the company. Almost all popular software styles are available. Some of these styles include having the check at the top, middle, or bottom of the page with the subsequent space used for detachable stubs. Another option is having three checks on one page with no stubs. Once the check style has been determined, customizations options should be considered. A variety of colors and patterns are available with most styles. Additionally, company logos can be uploaded and incorporated into the design of the check. When choosing colors, be sure to consider the colors in the logo in order to bring them together to reinforce brand recognition. Accessories such as deposit slips, envelopes, and stamps can also be purchased with your checks. A variety of envelope styles are available to help reduce the time needed to process checks. One of the most popular stamp options is the signature stamp. After uploading the signature of the person who typically signs checks, a custom stamp is created. This stamp can be used in place of the signature, saving time and effort. Purchasing checks is a quick and convenient option. When placing your first order, you will have to choose the check style and customization options you prefer. Then you will need to enter the business and bank information. Once this process has been completed, reorders are simple. If there are no changes in information or stylistic preferences, subsequent orders can be made through the quick reorder option found at the top of the Web page. At Checkomatic, we offer a wide selection of check styles and customization options at a terrific value. With any order of computer business checks, the greater the number of checks purchased, the greater the value. With increased volume, the cost per check decreases. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service staff is available to help you with a new or existing order Monday through Friday from 9:30 to 5:30 Eastern Time. They can be reached with our toll free phone number or by clicking on the live chat button found on our Web site. When using the live chat method, there are no applications to download, and contact with one of our customer service agents happens almost immediately.

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