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Business computer checks are a great time saver for the accounting department of any business. Instead of manually writing and recording each individual check, there are now numerous computer software options that minimize the time it takes to process checks. Additionally, there are many benefits for companies who buy their business computer checks online. Some of the benefits include saving money, large selection, availability of accessories, convenience, and excellent customer service.

Business Computer ChecksOne of the most important benefits found in buying business computer checks online is savings. With the difficult economic environment, companies need to optimize every savings opportunity available to them. Companies that sell business computer checks online are able to reduce the cost of those checks because of their lower operating costs. These savings are passed on to the companies who then purchase those business computer checks.

There are several check styles to choose from when ordering your business Computer Checks. The check itself can be located at the top, middle, or bottom of the sheet along with two stubs. The type of software the business is using usually determines the position of the check on the paper. The two stubs on this option allow the business to retain one for their client files and send one with the check. These stubs help streamline record keeping for both parties. For businesses who want to print numerous checks at one time, there is the option of printing three checks on one sheet of paper with no stubs. This is ideal for high volume printing when a stub is not required.

Once the style of check has been chosen, it is time to customize the business computer checks. There are many colors and patterns from which to choose. Consider this an excellent, and low cost, opportunity to reinforce the image of your company. If your business has a signature color, or colors, use that color for your check. Another personalization option is using the company logo on the check. This ensures that every person who sees the check will be seeing an advertisement for the business. Over time, your checks have the potential to reach thousands of people, so why not use them as a source of essentially free advertising?

When purchasing business computer checks, it is also important to consider some purchasing some of the accessories that make those checks even more useful in the workplace. One of the most useful accessories is envelopes. There are several envelope styles to choose from, although the two most popular are the double window envelopes and the preprinted business envelopes. The double window envelopes remove the need to print envelopes at all. The upper left window reveals your company name and address and the middle window reveals the name and address of the company or individual who will be receiving the check. Both forms of these envelopes have a blue tinted interior to enhance security and both work very well with the business computer checks. The two window checks have an additional option. One variety has a traditional adhesive on the back and the other version has a self-seal. While the self-seal version is a bit more expensive, it is ideal for companies who print a large amount of checks each month. It reduces the time wasted stuffing envelopes. Employees simply have to remove the backing and press the flap of the envelope down instead of repeatedly having to use a moistener with the more traditional choice.

The convenience of ordering business computer checks online has increased tremendously over the past several years. The selection of checks, as well as accessories, is vast. This makes customization an accessible option, even for smaller businesses. Setting up your account is an easy, one time process. After providing your company information, preferences, and logo the first time, there is a quick reorder option that makes future orders a snap.

Browse our Computer Checks Blog for more info, at Checkomatic, we offer all of these options at an exceptional value. With any order, the more you purchase, the more you save – because the price of the checks decreases as the volume of the order increases. This is an ideal way for businesses to reduce the cost of their hard-earned money when buying business computer checks. Checkomatic also offers excellent customer service. We are available to our customers by phone as well as through a live chat resource. Both methods are available from 9:30 to 5:30 Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. When using the live chat contact with one of our agents happens almost immediately.

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