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The ability to buy printed Computer Checks online has never been easier. With numerous stylish options, easy personalization, and the ability to accommodate many types of accounting software, there is something for virtually all check buying needs. There are four different options for those who wish to buy printed computer checks online. These options include the check at the top of the page, in the middle of the page, at the bottom of the page or three checks per page. The type of checks chosen will depend largely on the type of software being used.

Buy Printed Computer ChecksIf you have Quicken, Microsoft Money, QuickBooks, Intuit 7.0, Quick Check, ACCPAC and MYOB Simply Accounting, Enterprise Solutions 8.0, or PRPsolutions, you will probably need to buy printed computer checks with the check at the top of the page. This leaves two stubs at the bottom of the paper. The stubs can list pertinent information and be used for record keeping for both the sender and the recipient. For those who have Crystal Accounting, Microsoft Profit, ProLaw, Accounting by Mac, One-Write Plus, or Real World, it is usually best to buy printed computer checks with the check in the middle of the page. This still leaves two stubs, one above, and one below the check. For those with Mac 90 for Windows and DacEasy Accounting-Payroll, the check on the bottom option is usually best. This style has two stubs above the check for record keeping purposes. Finally, for those who want to print numerous checks at a time, the three checks per page may be best. It minimizes the number of sheets used and the only drawback is there are no stubs printed at the same time for record keeping.

All Business Computer Checks are available in a wide variety of colors like burgundy, gold, green, and blue. There are also a number of designs available like marble, diamond, and prismatic. This allows each check to be customized in a way that is most appropriate for the business or individual who has decided to buy printed computer checks.

In addition to being able to buy printed computer checks online, it is also possible to buy envelopes that will streamline paying bills even further. The most popular styles of envelopes are the double window envelope and standard business envelope, although blank envelopes are available as well. The double window envelope is an efficient choice because nothing but the check needs to be added to the envelope before stamping and mailing. The recipient’s name and address is visible through the middle window and the sender’s name and address through the upper left window. Companies or individuals who prefer to have a larger return address may want to custom print that portion of their standard business envelope. This is still an efficient option, however, because the recipient’s information is conveniently displayed in the middle envelope.

Checkomatic is a great choice for anyone who wants to buy printed computer checks. We have fast and reliable service and very reasonable prices. The more checks you buy, the lower the price per check, giving you even better savings when you buy in bulk.

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