Cheap Computer Checks

Online ordering of cheap Computer Checks printed at is always a better alternative to buying your checks at your local bank. I will start by the most obvious reasons I can think of, and here they are.

  • Design, At Checkomatic we offer a stunning selection of designs, we show you at the item page a preview of how your checks will look like.
  • Discount, No bank will offer you cheap Computer Checks at a discount price as we do, not only is our standard price, really a low price, but also if you find the same brand checks at a cheaper price, we will go out of our way to beat it, and provide you with discount checks
  • Rush, you are not always ready to wait for your order a dew days or with most banks a few weeks, business is running, and printing out computer checks is a big part of it, at our online store you can add rush option to your order and have your checks delivered in some cases by next day.
  • Re order, speaking about rushing your checks order, how would you like to be able to re-order your printed checks order, without having to re-enter all your banking and business information, when you order your checks with us, we save all your data in a secured place, to make it easier for our clients to reorder checks, look for the reorder button on top of the site, and by just entering the basic details like first line printed and account number, you can ask us to do an exact repeat of your last checks order, or select not an exact repeat, and let us know what you would like to change, you can still choose a new check style and the starting number of your next order.
  • Matching products, when you order online, you can add matching printed envelopes or double window envelopes, or what about printed deposit slips and a Endorsement stamp, it all adds so much more value to your purchase, because at checkomatic we care about our client a great deal.
  • Free Logo, having your business logo appear on your computer checks is nice and professional and will enhance your business look and touch, especially when its free, on each order page you will find the option to upload your logo from your computer.
  • Customer service, we offer great customer service, starting while placing your order we provide Live Chat service to assist you with every question, after receiving your order we will still make sure that you are happy, after all we hope to have you as a returning customer.

Save money and time by using our convenient Discount Computer Checks ordering process, why should you pay more?! and why should you wait any longer then you need to?!

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