Computer Checks for Quicken

Think about the business checks you have seen in recent years. They could be utility deposit refunds, credit card rewards checks, or paychecks, but they all have one thing in common. They are printed, not handwritten. Printed checks are not limited to the largest companies, though. Small businesses and individuals can easily use them too.

Checks for QuickenFor business owners, Checks that work with accounting software offers a neater and more professional appearance than handwritten checks. They are also faster and more convenient. Instead of having to make checks out by hand, a business owner can load computer checks into a printer and have them automatically generated by the Quicken software or any other accounting program. This has the added bonus of reducing or eliminating mistakes. For example, a property management company might have to pay utility bills for several units with one check. An accounting program like Quickbooks, Quicken or Peachtree will add up the bill automatically, whereas doing the calculation by hand might result in an addition error.

Computer checks can also prevent other common mistakes, like writing out an amount that doesn't match the numerical amount. when printed via an accounting software allow for more information to be included. Typically, they are letter sized sheets with three sections. The top section is the check and the bottom two are stubs. The stubs can be printed with information on what invoice or account numbers are being paid with that check. While the memo line on the main check is shorter, the information on the stubs is a good substitute and will let a vendor's accounts receivable department know how to apply the payment. The bottom third of the check can stay with your company's files.

Computer checks share many features with the familiar old-fashioned checks. They can be ordered with the routing number, account number, and check number already printed; the computer doesn't need to print this information. They can also include special designs, company logos, or watermarks. Businesses (or individuals) can order a package of it the same way they order a box of traditional checks. In some cases, the bank will fulfill an order, and third party companies like also provide computer checks. An advantage to using such a third party vendor is that they will remember your information, making it much faster to place additional orders in the future.

Computer checks are available in different formats. Businesses are not limited to the most common format, which is the aforementioned checks with the check on top and the stubs in the middle and bottom. This is the most popular because it's the format compatible with Quicken or Quickbooks, There are also pages with the check in the middle or on the bottom. For businesses that do not need check stubs, there are also check sheets with three checks per page. The specific format used depends on the needs of the particular business and the accounting software.

These are the easiest and most convenient type of checks for most businesses. Unless a business goes through a very small number of checks and can easily handle the volume manually, computer checks are the way to go.