Cost Effective Accounting: Save Money with Business Checks

All business checks are not created equal.

When you order through your bank, you get limited choices, but more importantly, it can be incredibly expensive compared to making an order online. But what else is different? Does quality suffer? What about security? Will they work with my program? Quality matters! The key to ordering business checks online is to know the facts. It's important to buy checks that are printed for the program you use. There are a number of accounting software programs, such as QuickBooks and Peachtree, and each one has its own internal templates for different types of checks. All of the popular software packages offer choices to accommodate different types of checks, and you can choose the format you're most comfortable with. The difference is usually in the placement of the check stub. There are compact choices, with three checks on a page, or checks that are one to a page with stubs taking up the remainder of the page. It's up to you, and depends on how much information you need to fit on the stub. You can even choose different types of checks for different purposes. Ordering online gives you a wide range of choices for accounting software compatibility and format. Another consideration is check quality. Years ago, you simply could not count on online orders, but modern check quality has improved drastically. All the information you need will be posted on the web site. Some important considerations include the quality of the paper itself, a number of security features, like watermarks and anti-copy features, and perforations. Bad perforations can really ruin an administrative assistant's day. It sounds so inconsequential, but it's really not. Saving Money The reason ordering checks online is a cost-saving measure is simple. In-house accounting is a no-brainer for half a dozen reasons. It's cheaper, accounting software does most of the work for you, and you don't have any delays common to outsourcing. You can design your own checks with your logo and choose to print everything on the fly as needed or have the checks pre-printed with your logo and design. You can order in bulk to save more money; unprinted checks don't expire. The business is so competitive that online check companies can guarantee faster turnaround time and often sweeten the deal with extra features. So to recap, you can order great quality business checks online for discount prices complete with security features, format and design versatility, your own logo and company colors, and compatibility with your accounting software. Plus, you get to save money. Seems like a win-win situation to me.

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