Custom Computer Checks

Custom computer checks for accounting programs such as QuickBooks and Quicken are a cost effective way to handle business banking. Checks are preprinted for use with nearly every printer on the market so business owners can make payments to employees, vendors, and customers with ease.

Custom computer checksCustom Computer Checks are available in a variety of designs and include security elements to prevent fraudulent use. Checks can be printed: at the top of the page, the middle of the page, the bottom of the page, or three checks per page. Each layout presents advantages, as many payroll checks are printed at the top of the page with pertinent information regarding hourly pay, tax withholding, and pay period below. Checks at the bottom of the page allow businesses to send a letter to the recipient.

Business owners have the option to choose between preprinting the checks with business and account information and purchasing blank check paper. When ordering business checks, it is important to know which software they will be used with. There are a number of paper selections available to ensure compatibility with accounting software.

Custom computer checks aren't just for business owners; they are an excellent alternative – in terms of cost and convenience – to using checks from a financial institution. Personal checks are available three checks to a sheet and have a tab to track important information about the check, such as who it was paid to and for what purpose, for more simplified recordkeeping. Binders are available to hold the checks instead of the traditional wallet sized checkbook.

Not only do custom computer checks save money compared to ordering from a local bank, they save time of having to make a phone call or take a trip to the nearest branch location. Once a voided check is on file, reordering checks is quick and easy.

In addition to ordering checks, customers can take advantage of deposit slips, envelopes, and endorsement stamps to help them spend less time with all their banking tasks. Starter kits are available to ensure consumers have everything they need to get started using their checks.

Many of today's custom computer checks are compliant with the “Check 21” law enabling them to be processed electronically so they no longer have to be physically presented to the bank. Using these custom checks may mean some people will never have to visit the bank again as everything can be accomplished through online and phone communication.

Choosing Computer Checks
Choosing the stock for your business Computer checks is an important business decision. There are thousands websites that offer a huge variety of checks stocks ranging in price from 3 cents to 11 cents per check depending on features, design, and weight. The decision should not rest on price. Cheap checks may tear upon use or come equipped with fewer security features. Here are six tips to help you choose the right computer checks stock for your company.

  • Quality paper: Look for a minimum 24# white MICR quality paper. Inferior paper stock may not print properly, making it impossible to read by financial software. Poor printing causes processing delays and results in payment delays, which reflects badly on your business. It's also important to the printing process that the computer checks line up precisely for perfect printing. You usually get exactly what you pay for, even in the case of check paper.
  • Security features: The banking industry has a minimum standard of security features, but you can do better without breaking the bank. Look for computer checks stock that exceeds the minimum standard and offers a number of protections against copying and other types of fraud. Never skimp on security; you'll save money in the long run.
  • Support for corporate image: When establishing a corporate brand, it's important to include every company document in brand reinforcement. The computer checks stock you choose should agree with your company's chosen colors and provide a complementary background for your company logo.
  • Guarantee: Look for a manufacturer that offers a written product guarantee offering recourse if the check stock will not work with your software or printer for any reason.
  • Delivery: Look for a company that details its turnaround time and shipping policy up front. Delivery times usually range from one day to a week or more, so plan in advance to order – and reorder – computer checks stock before you run out.
  • Bulk orders: As with most items, ordering in bulk is usually more economical. In addition to saving money on the check stock, you'll save the time and hassle or frequent ordering. Plus it will spare you the wrath of employees and suppliers alike, should you run out unexpectedly.

Most companies offer a number of options to fit any budget. If you must cut costs, choose a slightly lower weight of stock without going the cheapest possible route. Make a decision that fits your budget and company image by balancing price, weight, security features, and professional appearance. Look for a reliable company with well-defined policies available, customer service contact information, and a solid quality assurance guarantee. You'll find all of this and more at Checkomatic. We offer an extensive line of Cheap Computer Checks at competitive discount prices, along with a solid professional reputation you can count on.

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