Customized Business Checks

Buying business checks is a smart decision, but not just for the reasons you may have already considered. Sure, business checks and accounting software can make your business run more smoothly,

but customized business checks pull double duty by fulfilling an accounting need and by helping your company become more well recognized in the community. There are several ways you can customize your check system in order to optimize the impact your business checks will have on those who handle them. Every time someone receives a check, cashes a check, or deposits a check, they will see your unique additions and be reminded of your business. Color Begin by choosing a color that matches, or is complementary to, the colors you have associated with your business. These colors may tie in to your logo, uniforms, or stationary. Colors include blue, brown, burgundy, gold, blue-green, and blue-red. By choosing a color that ties in with the image you are already portraying, you will be able to strengthen your brand image. There are also three patterns to choose from which allow you to customize the look of your checks even further. Available patterns include diamond, marble, and prismatic. Logo If you have already spent the time and resources to develop a company logo you know how important it is and what an impact it can have on company and client morale. Utilize this iconic image by incorporating it into your business checks. It is a simple process to upload the graphic while placing your order and once it has been uploaded you will not have to repeat the process for future orders. You can also add your logo to several of the accessories such as envelopes. Envelopes There are many styles of envelopes from which to choose. Each has its own advantage, and all can be used to complement the business checks you prefer. The envelopes with double windows allow your logo and company information to be clearly seen in the upper left corner of the check and the recipient’s information in the center of the check. If you would like to use the envelopes for items other than checks, you can order envelopes with no windows that have your logo and address information printed in the upper left corner. At Checkomatic, we believe in fast, friendly, and affordable customer service. We want to earn your trust and develop a lasting business relationship with you.

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