Different Types Of Business Checks: What’s Best For Your Business?

Monday, April 30, 2012

When running a business, it’s best to have all the stationary for your company, including business checks, to display your company logo and/or header.

With so many different small businesses going today, it is quite popular for a company to write its own business checks and do all its own bookkeeping. When companies decide to file and complete its own payroll, software industries such as QuickBooks are a lifesaver when writing business checks. It can make the design and logo look professional and respective for all who see it. The most common checks used for company payroll are computer checks that are printed right at the business. These types of business checks will have all the same information on them that professional printers would offer, including the background of your choice. The bonus of computer based business checks are that the information is stored on a computer, making sure it is always at your fingertips whenever you need to go over an expense. With computer based business checks, those who make out the payroll can print out the checks quickly and easily, especially if nothing changes for hours or pay from week to week. The computer-based software can make payroll more of a point and click application than a point and type process of filling out each check individually. Manual made business checks have been around since the dawn of recorded business in the United States. In current times though, it has become purely obsolete except in emergency cases. Some of these cases can involve payroll mistakes and out of office payments to vendors that may have been shorted on a payment. Company to client payouts can’t always be done in a hurry, which can be quickly accomplished by manual written business checks. Business checks done by computer on company grounds are really the best way to ensure safety for the business and the employees. If a no-name individual is printing checks off-site, there is no way to contact them for updates or check changes at the last minute. Last minute changes for any business issue is always a pain, but it can be compounded by not being able to contact a direct employee and have them make the changes immediately. The vast majority of times, the mistake can go unnoticed until the employee finds that there has been a mistake, and the time to get it repaired can be upwards to a week. That can make the employee moral drop considerably. If necessary, most check printing companies will be able to work with Quicken Checks or other software formats if both are going to be needed to run the business smoothly. Manual business checks can be finished with a professional look as well, with your favored company logo and background. It can be made to include the company name, address, colors, and even include additional safety features.

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