Double Window Envelopes Improve Efficiency And Increase Profitability

There are lots of ways to make a business more profitable. Sometimes they’re just little things that people don’t think of. Double window envelopes are one of those

little things that have some pretty big surprises. We all know what window envelopes are – the envelopes where the name and address of the recipient shows through a clear cellophane window. Double window envelopes just have an extra window for the return address. With the rise of modern technology, some people have forgotten that technology doesn’t solve every problem. And sometimes it solves a problem in a very expensive way! Before you dis double window envelopes, consider the cost that goes into printing all your envelopes. Some businesses have the return address printed on the envelope when they order. It’s questionable whether or not this actually saves money. After all, the recipient’s address still has to be printed on the front of a paper envelope. The upshot is that the envelope is being printed twice. That’s not very efficient compared to double window envelopes. There is no printing at all, so there’s no printing cost and no printing hassle. Printing has lots of drawbacks. You wouldn’t think printing costs would add up that quickly, but oh do they ever! Ink jet printers are especially bad – a single black cartridge can cost as much as several boxes of double window envelopes. Another thing about inkjet ink – it smears. You’ve just put together a pile of mailings to your most valued clients and on the way down to the post office, they get just a little wet and rubbed together, and they’re a mess. One of the worst issues with printers is loading the envelopes into them. If you don’t do it often, it’s easy to forget which way they go. A moment of inattention and you have a stack of envelopes with the addresses printed on the back. Not only have you wasted your time, but you’ve wasted the envelopes. With double window envelopes, you won’t have that problem. Last but not least, since the return address isn’t printed ahead of time, the envelopes can be used with different return addresses. That makes it easy to for neighboring businesses to buy double window envelopes in bulk and share them between offices, cutting down on costs further. Of course, if you want, you can still get your logo printed on double window envelopes. And, like other envelopes, they come in a variety of colors with lots of different types of paper. So whether you want brightly colored envelopes or a classy linen look, you can get it. The bottom line is that, whatever type of business you have, you’re always looking to be more efficient. Double window envelopes are one of the many little things you can do that improves your efficiency and makes your company more profitable.

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