Finances are in full bloom

We’ve endured brutal bouts of snow this winter. Waking up this first workweek of April, most of us are stuck in the same icy rut. Won’t the sun ever shine again? Will these freezing temps take their final bow? Spring is officially here, but things couldn’t be colder.To get your mind off the meteorological madness, we’ve got a special deal to usher in the green. We want this month to be different. For once, we’re not worried about stocking supplies, balancing books, pleasing clients and bolstering your company’s communications. This time, our sole purpose is to serve just one special person: YOU.
Let’s get personal Beyond the realm of business, Check O Matic offers a wide selection of personal checks available in countless customizable designs. If your company papers and supplies exude efficiency and professionalism, then your private provisions should do just the opposite.Whether you’re cutting a check to the electric company, sending your niece a birthday gift or making a down payment on a new car, your checks say a lot about you. The custom color or background you choose provides a glimpse into your vibrant personality,your lifelong hobbies, your dream getaway—even your low-key cupcake obsession.Your account, your character make money memorable with single or duplicate designs perfectly suited to your unique nature. Options range from patriotic American flag and proud ‘Support our Troops’ themes to beautiful sandy beaches and springtime floral patterns. Whichever reflects your distinct taste, sign confidently knowing you always receive a bulk discount for the absolute highest quality paper and finest security measures on the mailing market.
For a limited time, we’re also offering a FREE vinyl checkbook cover for special spring time buyers. Get your surprise design by ordering before May flowers make their appearance!
April Extravaganza
GET 10% OFF your purchase of 500+ Single Personal Checks
400+ Duplicate Personal Checks
Receive a FREE bonus checkbook cover with any bulk order over $89.99!
Head over to and be sure to mention APRIL2018 at checkout to retrieve your spring savings

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