History of Business Checks

Short overview of business checks we use daily to conduct our business:
The first checks (or cheque in other countries) have been around since the first century, the ancient Romans are actually believed to have used it first in a form known as praescriptiones, Later during the third century, banks in territories of the Persian Empire issued letters of credit known as akks, It is that word Sakks that the word cheque comes from, which later on became checks.
A check has always served the same purpose and is basically a bill of exchange drawn upon a financial institution like a bank or a trust company. Checks are used by a bank to pay cash to the specified person. a check is usually funded by a checking account, The same with Printed Checks issued by a business.

You can find a lot more information about checks at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cheque. At checkomatic.com it is easy for a business to personalize their business checks by adding the company logo and by choosing a check design that will leave a better impression on their clients. Having personalized business checks will give business transactions a more professional and organized touch.

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