How long are business checks good for?

At Checkomatic, we take pride in our ability to debunk business check myths and provide valuable answers to frequently asked questions. So, how long are business checks good for? Do they expire?

When you purchase a business check with your information printed, the check is good to use as long as your information is accurate. Once your personal information is changed and the information on the printed business check is no longer accurate, the check is considered expired. However, a business check that already has a date printed on it, is only valid for six months - even if the check says void after 90 days, the bank might accept it for up to six months. Keep in mind, these expiration restrictions apply to all types of business checks; despite where they are purchased.

As a business owner, we recommend you shred an expired blank business check to ensure fraud prevention as a bank can still decide to deposit it. To avoid being stuck with expired business checks, Checkomatic recommends setting up a mobile deposit through your bank’s smartphone application or purchasing a deposit machine. If you don’t have to physically make a trip to the bank to deposit your business check, you are more likely to deposit your business checks on time.

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