Americana, half cafe, half de-cafe, two sweeteners, fat free cream. The college kid at the coffee kiosk knows my order when I walk in the door, until his class schedule changes and there is new guy behind the counter.

My friends and I have a favorite restaurant on Wednesday night. We walk in the door and our drinks are on the table and the waitress affirms the same order we have all had for the past 2 years. It is great when someone knows you and your preferences. It is great to be recognized; that, where everybody knows your name feeling. That feeling is especially welcome when managing day to day business affairs like buying the business checks, laser checks and computer checks that match your accounting software. These associations are vital for a successful business. Knowing that the vendor on the other end instantly understands your needs and is ready at the get go to do their best to facilitate your requests. That relationship is an even greater advantage for a small business relationship where a single employee often performs many tasks. These connections often take years to develop, but, when you find just the right vendor, the link can be instantaneous. If the vendor is reliable and cares about your time and makes ordering and reordering an easy process, you have an advantage. Making the smart decisions about financial software, like QuickBooks, by Intuit, can make all the difference in the success of a small business. At Check-O-Matic checks and envelopes, your time and success are important. They make ordering and reordering as easy as possible. You simply enter your financial software, and a selection of business and computer laser checks appears. You are able to select the color, to compliment your business stationary, and the format, to best suit your accounting and voucher requirements. All of the resulting selections will be suited to your financial software. Upload your logo, and orders will arrive within 3-5 days, guaranteed. Reordering is even simpler and faster. All of your purchasing information is kept on record. Locate the Quick Re-Order tab; then click your order history, all past information, including your logo, is saved in their files. As simple as that! Not only does Check-O-Matic know your name, they have what you need for business checks. They value their business relationship with you.   You will find Discount Business Checks for your accounting software such as Quickbooks checks, Quicken checks, and Microsoft Money.  Since we manufacture computer checks on our premises, we offer a discount checks, price policy.

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