How to Print Checks with Your Computer Using QuickBooks

If you are a business owner and are looking for a great way to print your own checks to pay your employees as well as your vendors, then using QuickBooks to print your checks is exactly what you have been looking for.

When you have the ability to print your own checks it makes the whole process much quicker and you do not have to rely on the bank or a third party to send you the checks when they are ready. There are many great aspects to printing your own checks through QuickBooks, one of which is that you save time and also it helps you to maintain accurate accounting records.

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With QuickBooks every time you print a check it keeps track of all of the transactions so that you can keep track of your billing, expense tracking, and reports which will help you keep your small business running smoothly.

Using your computer to print checks with QuickBooks is made easy with the software and all of your accounting information and data is stored in a central location where you can easily access it and can find all of your vendor and employee information quickly and easily to fill out the checks.

To start the printing process, all you have to do is to fill out the form provided by QuickBooks, which looks like a real check and QuickBooks will do the calculations that add and subtract the check amount from the proper areas of your business account. What makes it so much easier is that the information like the vendor’s address and account numbers are all pre-filled so all you have to do is print the checks. With QuickBooks you can purchase everything you need to be able to print checks directly from QuickBooks, including the best paper types for printing checks on.

Once you have entered the check amounts and the information for the vendors is on the checks you can simply print them directly from online and you will have the check right there in your office in a matter of seconds. You can also get deposit slips and envelopes if you need to print and then mail the checks. These are all great things to have that will bring quality and a professional look to your business which is a good thing to have when you are paying your vendors and clients.

When you choose to print your checks with QuickBooks the process is easy and quick making it a very efficient way to pay your vendors and clients. When you fill out the check that is on the screen you will see “To Be Printed” in the upper right-hand corner and you then have the option to save the check, which is great if you are planning to print it later, or you can save and print the check right then.

You also have the option to make the check reoccurring so every time you need to pay that vendor you can easily print the same check just with a different amount if needed.

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