How to use business computer checks as a Marketing Aid

Some business owners would not believe that it is worthwhile to think about marketing with computer business checks as they make most payments electronically or by electronic check.

here we would like to tell you why you should use computer checks for marketing purposes, among many other reasons. Simply put. No business should ever miss an opportunity to put their name and business product or service in front of a potential customer or even an existing one. A great way to Reinforce your brand and services is to use an imprinted computer Check printed with QuickBooks, Intuit or any other accounting software that has your business name and logo on it. Owners of a plumbing service can use their printed checks to remind everyone that "Phil's Plumbing" is available 24/7. They can add their company name and a truck imprinted with "Emergency Service 24/7." That is a great and yet inexpensive piece of marketing for your brand. Here is what you get! 1. A better tool than a business card at times because when someone receives your business card she or he tucks it away. A business check gets attention as it is worth actual money. Add a colorful logo to your QuickBooks Check and your contact information and your check may lead to more sales. 2. When you give your business card to a person, it is likely that no one else will see it. Hand over a computer printed business check to a cashier for building supplies or a truck repair and it is likely that an accountant department manager sees it and the folks at the bank where they deposit it, and same at your own bank. That is a lot of mileage for your marketing message. 3. Adding a custom logo to your computer check gives you more for your money. You need business checks for those situations where you do not pay by an alternative method so add your black and white logo for free or even better your color logo for a few more dollars and gain a great marketing tool. More than marketing, printing your own QuickBooks or Intuit Checks with a logo on it is easy and helps you prevent check fraud. Checks with personalized logos are harder to counterfeit and scammers who are looking for an easy print job -- one without images or colors, might just pass up your company.

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