How to Use Printed Envelopes in Your Marketing Plan

Custom printed envelopes are an integral component of a comprehensive marketing plan.

 Aside from daily correspondence and billing, there are a number of mailings that could benefit from custom envelopes. Here are a few marketing ideas that may be meet with more success when delivered in an impressive wrapper. Catalogs, Booklets and Brochures Since the advent of the much anticipated arrival of the Sears Roebuck Wish Book back in pioneer days, catalogs have been effective selling tools. Larger scale 10 x 13 inch envelopes are perfect for multi-page catalogs. With all the work that goes into creating a catalog, it deserves to be delivered intact and in style. A great use for smaller 6.25 x 9.25 inch printed Envelopes for Business is to mail out booklets. Booklets are smaller than catalogs and typically have only a few pages. Use booklets to launch a new product, advertise an event, or introduce your business services to the community. Brochures are usually standard business letter sized when folded. Typically, they offer 6 printed areas, delineated by fold lines. They may only be one page, but a brochure can be jam-packed with useful information, just the right size to get your message across. Letterhead Custom letterhead demands custom business printed envelopes. No matter what kind of mail you're sending out, it will be more attractive and make a better impression when it arrives in a wrapper that stands out from all the boring generic white rectangles. Letters that stand out are less likely to be tossed unopened. Greeting Cards What makes a better impression than remembering your customer on holidays and birthdays? Not much. Taking the time to acknowledge your customer relationship with a card delivered in a branded business envelope is a great way to open new lines of communication and keep in touch with your customer base in a very personal and thoughtful way. Greetings are always welcome, and the tone can reflect your business image, from elegant sophistication to whimsical humor. The business envelopes can be printed to reflect the content and help deliver the intended message. Customer retention is all about service and communication. No matter how fast marketing methods change, excellence in customer service is the one thing that remains the same. In a world filled with frustrating automated phone systems, outsourced help lines, and faceless corporations, direct communication is an old idea that seems fresh and new. Print media is especially effective for a new business trying to establish a foothold in a community, and for an established business trying to reconnect with past customers. Delivering your message in an eye-catching custom business printed envelopes helps advertise your business before the envelopes is even opened.

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