Inkjet or Laser printers?

Printing a lot of data and computer checks, should you use a inkjet or a laser printer?! Here is the difference between the two,

Inkjet is spraying tiny ink dots onto the page, cheaper to buy and the print quality might not be the best, and also the ink is more expensive. Ink cartridges will need to be replaced very often if you print a lot. its ideal for home use. Laser printer checks is using toners that uses static and electricity with a powder and prints a higher resolution and higher print quality and more of all a lot faster too. Each printer has its pros and cons. Inkjets are great for home use and photo printing. Lasers are good for offices with high-volume data to print, like Laser checks and other business forms or for applications that need to be printed with high quality. The most popular way to print laser checks a.k.a. computer checks is a laser printer.

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