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Some things just work to our advantage; we are eager to share our successes and would be reluctant to have to do without those things and people, which just work. when thinking about cheap laser checks In business, companies find that a particular routine, certain staff members, and technology tools have made their enterprise more productive and more profitable. One of the most commonly used tools is the computer. Hand and hand with the company computer is financial solutions, aka accounting software, a valuable tool many could not imagine giving up.

There a number of good accounting software packages on the market that print laser checks, and track daily company activity. Among the most used and popular are: Microsoft Money, Peachtree, MYOB, and Quicken and QuickBooks both by Intuit, the latter being the most popular of all for most small and mid-size companies. Relatively easy to learn and flexible enough to meet multiple business applications, financial solution applications are used daily for all accounting processes.

To compliment this system, most businesses are becoming familiar with and understand the value of cheap computer laser checks. Computer checks is always a good idea, as they work best with your software, any of them, through an integrated process to make account files effectively more accurate and fundamentally more secure. They are made with security measures built in and are more difficult to fake than traditional, manually written checks. Check numbers are recorded into the account files and are auto-populated with account information. Since they are computer generated, Cheap laser checks, such as QuickBooks checks, are very hard to alter. Amounts can not be easily changed. Laser checks amounts, numbers, and text are stated correctly and clearly, resulting in a check that is easily machine readable and more tamper resistant.

Product and service providers in any industry out there, are using today custom printed computer, laser and ink-jet, printed checks to pay invoices and issue payroll. Custom printing demonstrates a professional image and a stability about your company that a standard bank issued checkbook check will not. Check-O-Matic cheap laser checks and Envelopes is an online provider of custom printed business checks. They offer high quality printing and materials at guaranteed low prices. Check-O-Matic will custom print your order of laser checks complete with all your company contact information, including company logos which is free to upload by the way. All ordering information and your laser checks data is kept on file, securely, until you are ready to re-order. Accessing your account and reordering is a simple one or two click process. Check-O-Matic regularly offers special deals and discount pricing for all new and returning clients. The more laser checks you order--the cheaper and more money you save!

MICR Printing for Laser Checks

Laser checks printing began in the 1980s with limited availability. When most companies still relied on hand-written, printed checks, a few companies began offering products for desktop use. Pioneers in the desktop application industry were Accuprint, Acorn, and Troy based in Silicon Valley, Digital Design in Jacksonville, Florida, and Westcorp Software Systems, headquartered in Norcross, Georgia. Xerox offered commercial high-speed printing, but no options for smaller businesses.

Most of these early companies that offered small-business MICR solutions, offered a Ricoh printer with an output of 8 pages per minute, along with on-site service and a line of printing supplies. Average printer cost was approximately $6,000 and monthly service ranged from $60 to $100. At the time, laser checks printing was largely hardware-driven. For security, the printers were equipped with locks and had a removable font card or cartridge to prevent unauthorized use.

One company, Acorn, offered a unique solution, a hardware attachment that connected to both computer and printer to enable printing. This allowed businesses to send information from the computer to the printer and was the next step in laser checks modernization.

The next industry breakthrough to hit the market came from Westcorp Software Systems in 1989. Westcorp introduced software that worked on any IBM-compatible PC with a much more affordable printer, the Hewlett Packard LaserJet II with a selling price of $2,500. The Westcorp laser checks printing software package included MICR font and toner cartridges for $500, with an additional per-check charge that was tracked via a device attached to the computer. Without the counting device, which was engineered by Rainbow Technologies, the printing software would not work. Eventually, Westcorp changed their payment structure to offer the software package for $6,900 with no additional per-check charges. The no-strings package proved popular with customers and sales began to take off.

By the mid-1990s, all of the pioneer companies had grown and were well established in the field. New products and software solutions were introduced, and competition grew. Hardware and software costs fell as the technology aged. Security issues were identified and addressed, making in-house laser checks printing a viable solution for more businesses.

With the advent of electronic funds transfer, some predicted the demise of paper checks, but that has not proved to be the case. The check industry continues to grow and evolve with the times, becoming more secure as additional products and solutions hit the market. Today's laser checks printing equipment is affordable, practical, easy to use, and accessible to every business, Order Laser Checks now and save.

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