Custom Laser Checks

Do you believe that your business checks should be a reflection of your brand image? Wouldn’t it be great if you could showcase your quirks and style with your personal checks? At Checkomatic, we understand this. That’s why we’ve designed a unique selection of premium custom laser checks for all your needs.

Our custom laser checks are available in four different layouts: check on top, check in middle, check on bottom, and three-to-a-page. Each layout comes with numerous customization options including background style, background color, upgraded security enhancements, and custom logo printing. Plus, all these custom laser checks meet and exceed the specifications of the American Bankers Association.

You can choose from three eye-catching background styles, namely: marble, prismatic, and diamond. Plus, you get a plethora of subtle and elegant background color options including burgundy, gold, green, blue, etc. We also offer free black and white logo printing for all our custom laser checks. Color logo printing is available as well for a minimal fee.

Are you wondering why businesses and individuals prefer to order laser business checks online? The biggest benefit is that the process is typically quicker and less expensive than ordering bank-issued checks.

That’s not all!

When you order laser business checks online, you get more customization options too. Quantity-based discounts are also available on bulk orders.

We pride ourselves on using the latest anti-fraud enhancements on all our custom laser checks. Plus, we offer an enhanced security upgrade that includes five additional security features (e.g. heat-sensitive ink, two-toned backgrounds, endorsement seals, etc.).