Laser Checks for Quickbooks

Top Reasons for Utilizing Printed Laser Checks for Quickbooks for your Business

Whether you are a huge corporation employing hundreds, a small business who employs just a couple of people, or even a one man shop, you still have to pay your company's bills, and what more professional way to pay them then to use printed laser checks.

Yes, people still do pay their bills using the old “snail mail” system. You know, where you write a check out by hand, put it in an envelope, put a stamp on it, and finally go to the post office and put it in the mailbox. Sure some might think that is an outdated method of paying your bills since you can easily pay most bills online, however there is something about a printed laser check that can add character to your business.

You can customize your printed Laser Checks for Quickbooks, Quicken or Peachtree in a way that isn’t available if you pay your bills online. Add a custom FREE logo, get a background image which defines you and or your business. Making paying your bills an extension of your company. Personalizing things in a way that just can’t be done online with ACH debits, or paying by credit/debit cards.

There is no reason why you have to pay your bank outlandish prices for printed laser checks. There are plenty of companies online where you can purchase your checks for reasonable, sometimes even downright cheap. The convenience of purchasing your printed laser checks online also highly outweighs that if you ordered from your bank you would either have to physically go to the bank, wait in line and then have to spend who knows how much time speaking to a bank representative explaining what type of check you are interested in, or you would have to spend valuable time on the phone doing the same thing you would have to do in person.

Ordering your printed laser checks for Quickbooks online doesn’t have to frighten you. Most websites which sell laser checks do so in a manner which is quite secure. They do so using a secure website with encryption so that you don’t have to worry about someone tapping into your internet or hacking you and stealing your identity. There was a time that ordering printed laser checks online might not have been very secure, but those days are mostly gone.

Take the pain out of paying your bills. Order and use custom designed printed laser checks for Quickbooks or any accounting software used for your business.