Laser Checks Help You Leverage Your Assets To Grow

When you’re growing a business, you have to leverage every asset to the fullest. But if you’re not using laser checks,

you might not be getting all you can get out of your assets. Software is one of your essential assets. Yes, you might struggle with it – maybe you hate it – yet, ultimately you know that it’s the key to your survival. And it doesn’t make mistakes. So getting the most out of your accounting software is essential. If you’re sending your payroll out or writing checks by hand to pay your suppliers, you might be underutilizing your software. Virtually all accounting software today allows you to pay your suppliers and run your payroll directly from your computer, printing your checks on your own printer. Farming out payroll may take some headaches away, but once you get the hang of running payroll yourself, it’s pretty easy. Usually you’ll have it down cold after a couple of runs. This is where laser printer checks come in. Some people aren’t so sure exactly what that is. That’s pretty simple. Originally, a “laser check” was just a check for a laser printer. But today, they work on any kind of printer, from color lasers to inkjets. You won’t have to buy a new printer! They’re easy to work with. Just order them from a supplier and load them up in the printer. Once you’ve reviewed the payroll options in your accounting software, it’s as easy as selecting “print”. You might even find more benefits than you imagine. Many software packages will alert you on the due date of your payments. They’ll also record the check numbers for you, so you have them tied to the account in your software, and they are easy to find if a problem arises. And of course they’ll print the information about the payee on the check. Now you’ve eliminated the cost of outsourcing your payroll and supplier payments, or the erroneous process of writing them out by hand. You’re getting more out of your software. It won’t be long before you’ll wonder why you ever outsourced at all. You’ll get the professional look and features that communicates to your employees and suppliers that you’re a serious outfit. You can order them with multiple stubs, position the check at the top, middle or bottom or, if you prefer, get three checks to a page. Your company logo and other information can also be there. You’ll also get all the security features that you get from bank or outsourced checks, including watermarks, fiber embeds, gradient backgrounds, and other new features as they arise. A photocopy of a laser check will be immediately recognized as a fraud. If you’re not already using them, maybe it’s time to think about how laser checks can help you leverage all your assets to grow your business.

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