Laser Checks Security

printed Laser checks are fast becoming the new standard of business.

Even the smallest business can give the impression of a full scale accounting department with professional laser checks and careful bookkeeping practices. Ordering quality stock for your business ensures that your checks cannot be duplicated or copied. There are a number of check security features available to protect your business from forgery or photocopying. Here are examples of the kind of security features to look for:

  • Stain-resistant paper. Quality laser checks are printed on special paper that fluoresces when exposed to ultraviolet light. This paper is not available for purchase by the general public, much like currency paper. This protects you against photocopies.
  • Microprint signature line. Each check has a screen of dots that appears over the signature line when copied.
  • Overprint screen that reads “Original Document” on the back of each check. These words will not appear on a photocopy.

Laser Checks Vs Printed Checks Along with the built in security measures on the paper itself, laser checks are generally not pre-printed with company information. Since the checks must be processed by software that adds the logo, company info and specific check details as it prints out, it is far more difficult to forge company Business laser Checks. During the printing process, you may also choose to add a custom watermark designed especially for the company. The payment processing can be put on hold for supervisor approval after processing and before the checks are printed to ensure there are no mistakes. Software Security As an added layer of security, check printing software is calibrated to scan for duplicate or voided checks or for other unexpected anomalies that may occur during the printing process. Checks may also be sorted by specific criteria, for example dollar amount or payee name, in order to collate the finished checks for easy processing. Printer Security Laser check printers use a special ink process called Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR). The Laser checks is printed with ink that contains iron oxide. MICR alphanumeric typeface can be read by both humans and banking machines. Just before the check passes over the reading device, the iron oxide in the text is magnetized. This process is similar to the process used in an old-fashioned tape deck. As the text passes over the head, each magnetized letter creates a unique waveform that can be interpreted by the system. The special ink, and the method of processing, provides another protection against laser check fraud. With all the security measure available in every part of the check printing process, laser checks are more fraud-proof than ever before. You can use laser checks with confidence for all your business needs.

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