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Buying computer laser checks online is a great checking solution for both individuals and companies. Purchasing checks online offers as many options as bank checks at only a fraction of the cost. There are many benefits to ordering computer laser checks online, including saving money, customization, complementary accessories, convenience, and fantastic customer service.

Computer Laser Checks One of the most obvious benefits comes in the form of savings. Companies that sell computer laser checks online are able to reduce their operating costs by maintaining a primarily virtual environment. The reduced cost to run their business allows them to reduce the cost to the customer as well. With the difficult economic environment, it is important to cut expenditures where possible without sacrificing quality. Buying checks online allows a company to accomplish both goals.

There are several check styles from which to choose. Most of the stylistic options are specifically designed to coordinate with accounting software. Computer laser check styles for both business and home software are available. One style has a single check with two stubs located on one piece of paper. The check may be located at the top, middle, or bottom of the page with the stubs in the alternate positions. The two stubs allow businesses or individuals to keep a copy of one stub and submit the other stub to the recipient. The stubs can help streamline record keeping for both the sender and the recipient. However, not all businesses or individuals require stubs to accompany their checks. For some, it is more important to have the ability to print several checks on one sheet of paper. Customers who prefer no stubs have the option of choosing the three checks per sheet format.

After deciding on a check style, the customization fun begins. The first option for customization comes in choosing a color and pattern for the check. You can choose your favorite color or company color. There are also various textures available for many of the colors. If you are using the checks for personal use, it is always nice to have something attractive to look at to help alleviate the bill-paying blues. If the checks will be used for a business, this is the perfect time to coordinate the checks with company colors to maximize corporate recognition. Another option for the checks is adding a logo. For companies, the business logo should be used here. Individuals purchasing checks may wish to add a favorite graphic to give their checks a more personal touch.

Once customization options have been chosen there are several additional accessories you may want to consider. There are a variety of envelope options, deposit slips, and stamps from which to choose. One of the most popular envelope options for businesses is the double window envelopes. They allow the information of the sender to be visible in the upper left corner and the recipient information to be seen from the center window. This reduces the time and effort needed to mail checks. The stamps available include endorsement stamps, name and address stamps, and custom signature stamps. The signature stamps are especially useful if there are numerous checks to sign each month. Instead of having to manually sign hundreds of checks, the stamp can simply be used instead. As with most of the products offered by Checkomatic, discounts are available with multiple purchases.

If you are concerned about the process of purchasing checks online, never fear; ordering computer laser checks online couldn’t be easier. For your first order, check customization options must be chosen and bank account information supplied. Once these tasks have been completed, future orders can be placed with minimal effort by using the quick reorder feature provided on the Web site.

At Checkomatic, we offer all of the above services at exceptional value and with fast and friendly customer service when you Buy Laser Checks. Keep in mind that, with any order, the more you purchase, the more you will save – because the price per check decreases as the number of checks you order increases. This is a fantastic opportunity for both businesses and individuals to stock up on a commodity they will certainly use in the future – and save money at the same time. Our customer service department can be reached Monday through Friday from 9:30 to 5:30 Eastern Time by phone or with the live chat feature available on our Web site. Using the live chat resource is a convenient and quick way to reach our customer service department. There is nothing to download, and contact with one of our agents happens almost immediately.

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