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What is custom laser checks? Checks are changing with the times. Many check printing businesses are making it easier for customers to create their very own customized checks. Custom laser checks are a new addition to the way companies are printing checks. This type of check is revolutionizing the way checks can be ordered online. You can order your custom laser checks faster and easier than before. In some instances your checks can be delivered as quickly as a week from the time the order was placed.

The Custom Laser Checks is printed from a laser printer. Everyone uses some sort of laser printers today in business or personal use. A laser printer can print out high quality checks on regular check paper.

You may ask yourself what is the difference between a laser printer and a regular printer? A laser printer will print your product quicker than a normal everyday printer. Most laser printers are used in a business environment. Most residents will have inkjet printers. One uses heat (laser) the other blows the ink (inkjet) onto the paper.

The advantages of using custom laser checks are as follows,

  • Laser checks can be printed at a faster pace.
  • A laser check can be printed on carbonless copy paper
  • An individual can customize his or her own checks
  • A business can customize their checks with their business logo and information
  • Configure print settings to put numbers on pages, superimpose, speed up the cutting process
  • Several checks can be printed on one single sheet
  • Can be printed in different formats
  • Output and input options are flexible
  • Laser printers can help to reduce less waste because of the control of details topographically.
  • Custom laser checks have more security. (everybody needs that with identity theft on the rise)
  • Positive pay files to protect you from fraudulent checks
  • User friendly
  • Does not cost extra, like banks generally add a service charge, because printing checks is not the banks main business.

A person or business can go online at and research custom laser checks and find the best deal for them! Some people choose to add a personal picture to his or her checks and businesses will add their company logo to advertise for his or her checks as well.

Laser checks are a high quality type check that has sharp looking pictures or logos on the check at the request of the customer. Laser checks can be printed and shipped at a quicker pace than the traditional checks. And can offer more security measures than a traditionally printed check.

Many websites have a vast array of pictures and logos for you to choose to put on your check. Or you can upload a picture or logo from your personal images to add to the check with your order. Custom laser checks are the way to go today. They are easy to place your order online for your convenience. They are delivered to your door. Give us a call, our friendly staff is here to help you place your laser check order.

Custom Laser Checks


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