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All businesses should present a competent appearance to their clients. Company stationary such as laser checks should have all pertinent data, such as name, address, phone number, and e-mail contact information. Company logos, if you have one, should be boldly included as it will help identify your company name and is an asset for branding. The more potential clients know your name, the easier they can make contact, and the more successful your business will be. Every company, whatever the size, should invest in professional looking stationary. Compliment your business stationary and your accounting software with business laser printer checks.

Ordering laser checks is simple and quick if you order from a quality online provider. Check-O-Matic Checks and Envelopes guarantees the lowest prices, uploads logos for free, and stores all information in your file to facilitate easy and quick reordering. Simply choose the checks to match your software and the laser check format that works best with your accounting style. Check-O-Matic takes pride in offering customized personalized customer service and looks forward to meeting all your business check and envelope needs.

Accounting software is another essential tool for the success of your business. There are a number of good accounting or financial software packages available. Shop around and weight the benefits of each package to fine the one that suits you and your accounting needs. Companies, such as QuickBooks, by Intuit, Peachtree, MYOB, Quicken which is also by Intuit, and Microsoft Money, all market software packages to professional offices, as well as private account holders. Laser checks are fed into the printer, just like your letterhead, and connected directly to your accounting files. Checks are generated from each account, whether paying an invoice, or disbursing routine payroll. You can mark an account for the date to cut a check, and the software will alert you on that date. Laser check numbers and all information connected with that transaction will be linked to the accounts. Laser printed business checks, QuickBooks checks for example, will auto-populate. This means that all appropriate client or payee info is appropriately transferred to the check, and all information regarding the check is automatically recorded in the correct account file. Laser checks make these routine processes easier to manage and reduce the possibility for errors. No more manually written checks, and no more manually transferred information in the chart of accounts; a process that is laborious and rife with the possibility for mistakes.

Check-O-Matic offers specials and discounts on laser checks. If quality material, affordable pricing, and customer service are important to you, then you have made the right choice for your laser printed checks provider.

If you are not sure what type of laser checks your software uses, don't worry, we did the home work for you, go to the order checks page, and from the drop down select the software you use to print checks, and we will show you which checks you need.

Custom laser checks offer design flexibility, professionalism, and the opportunity to reinforce your corporate identity. They are designed with the basic information such as company information and logo, with the remaining information to be printed on a laser printer equipped with special magnetic toner called MICR that banking programs can recognize.

The advantages to custom laser checks printing are that sensitive banking information can be printed in-house, so business checks cannot be stolen or lost during delivery. You may order checks with the encoding at the bottom or choose a blank format with only design elements.

Photocopy check fraud is a rising issue, but security features may be embedded in the check stock to help prevent check fraud. Options include:

Check Pantograph Copy-Void
Laser Checks printed on copy-void stock will show the word "void" repeated all over the check if it is copied. Void does not appear on the original check. This prevents any type of fraud using a photocopier. Similar features are copy-void endorsements, where void appears over the signature area, or watermarks visible only when the check is photocopied.

Gradient background
A gradient background uses two colors that change color saturation and blend together. These cannot be accurately reproduced, even on a full-color copier.

Fiber embeds
Overt fibers embedded into the Laser checks paper are visible to the naked eye. While they will show up on a photocopied scan, they will lack the texture and depth of the original and be an obvious fraud.

Printed background
Any overall print on the check background will help prevent fraud by deterring a cut and paste payee replacement on a scanned check.

True watermark
A watermark image printed into the check background that is visible when the check is held up to the light, but too light to copy or scan.

Before ordering custom printed laser checks, consider every element. Design, logo, safety features, the amount of information preprinted on the checks, storage and shipping security, equipment. The amount of information printed on the check determines the type of equipment necessary. If encrypted bank information will be printed in-house instead of pre-printed by the check printer, you will need a secure, isolated computer and an isolated printer with magnetic MICR toner. Accounting software must be specifically configured to print in MICR font necessary for the banking program to read and process checks, and the accounting package you choose must be compatible with MICR standards. Since bank encryption must have specific placement on the check, it will be necessary to perform quality checks each time a check run is printed, to ensure that all the information is printed in the correct place on the checks. An MICR form makes quality checks easy and quick.

Credibility is an important asset for any business, and presenting professional checks printed with the company logo tells the people you do business with that your company is committed to professionalism and is not a fly-by-night operation. Custom printed laser checks offer great versatility of design and enhanced security at an economical price, while helping you build and maintain business credibility.

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