It is important to make the right statement with the paper products any business uses. Stationary, business envelopes, invoices, and checks

 are a direct contact from your company to suppliers and clients. It carries the branding and identity of your company. You have put a lot of thought into the name and logo of you business. You have invested a lot of time and money and work to develop your business, and all of that effort deserves to be represented well by your paper products. The way your stationary looks is important. Cheap stationary and envelopes, messy checks, and correspondence rife with errors will not relate the positive message you want for your business and how it operates. Business envelopes come in many styles and one will suite your business perfectly. Available are pre-printed envelopes with your company information, these business envelopes also come with options like tinted windows--one or two, self seal flaps, a flip and stick feature. There are several sizes to choose from depending on the requirements of your mailing. Business size envelops are the most commonly used size for most companies. Company correspondence is tri-folded and slipped quickly into this size. They come with security printing on the interior to keep confidential information, well confidential. Business size envelopes come with one or two window options. The window envelopes are particularly suited for computer checks. Windows take away the need to repeatedly transfer information from letterhead and recipient info over and over, a great opportunity for mistakes. There are regular sized envelopes, 3 X 6 ½, appropriate for informal correspondence and perhaps invoices or business checks. These too come in blank, preprinted, and windows, depending on your preferences. You can find larger size envelopes that enable you to place a large bundle of 8 ½ x 11 papers inside without folding them. These are handy if you are including photos and necessary cardstock to avoid bending. Some specialty or legal documents may not lend themselves to folding and are particularly suited to this type of envelope. Some business need coin envelopes for daily transactions. Most companies will need a variety of styles and options for business envelopes, and all necessary business envelopes can all be found at Check-O-Matic online. They carry the largest selection and can ship within 3-5 days. Reordering is a breeze as they keep all previous ordering information on file for you. Check-O-Matic carries many printed envelopes to choose from depending on the type of mail. Check-O-Matic carries envelopes to match business checks, forms, and stationary.

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