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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Promoting your business is critical. Whether you invest in professional marketing materials,corporate gifts or some other advertising strategy, maintaining a positive presence and impressing potential customers and clients is a must. While many entrepreneurs resort to expensive extras to build their reputation, you can also take advantage of the very supplies you anyway depend on day in and day out.
Ready to rev your responses?
If getting more people to open your correspondence is the ultimate goal, industry gurus say to test your envelopes. For instance, depending on the nature of your mail and its recipient, switching from regular white #10 envelopes to colored envelopes could inspire greater interest. Or, if you’re looking to capture a stronger sense of professionalism,double window envelopes are typically preferred over single.
Sometimes there’s no knowing why one parcel attracts attention over another. But regardless of what you’re sending, there are plenty of concrete benefits to choosing double window envelopes. And since prices at Check O Matic are always the most competitive in the industry, an experimental swap won’t hurt your bottom line.
Why two windows are better than one
From a practical standpoint, double window envelopes are perfect for sending business checks, corporate invoices, Quickbooks bills and similar mail. Being able to print and display the recipient’s name and address saves you the handwriting hassle; more importantly, the second window gives you the opportunity to flaunt your brand’s logo,send a pertinent message, or otherwise convince the addressee to open up and read.
In one study, a charity saw a 10% increase in response just by switching the size of their envelopes. After changing from blank envelopes to ones with double windows, another mail-based company enjoyed similar results—and for little to no additional cost.
The fact is, an envelope with windows tends to convey importance, whispering to recipients, “Don’t throw me out. I’m probably a bill.” By pairing a little psychology with Check O Matic’s heavy, high quality paper, security tint and convenient self-seal closures, you’ve got a recipe for response success.
As summer continues to sizzle, heat up your direct mail campaign or everyday postal practice with durable double window envelopes on sale through the month of July.
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