Printed Business Envelopes With Free Logo

It is all in the details. When operating a small business nothing says professional more than printed business envelopes with free logo.

Art charges can rack up fast when running a small business and trying to put out a professional image. Seek printing companies that offer free logo design or no art or set up charges when placing an order. In today’s economy with so many businesses coming and going, fly by night internet schemes, and many other questionable activities, presenting a professional image is everything. Taking the few minutes needed to do a little research and check out the offers from online printers will save you hundreds of dollars. If you plan any direct mail campaigns in any way having a professionally printed envelope with get your mail read. Customers are bombarded everyday with special offers for this, discounts for that; having your name and logo on a piece of direct mail correspondence will their attention. Market research has indicated that over 90% of mail without a corporate logo on the return envelope is never even opened. That means that for every 100 pieces of mail you send 10 people if you are lucky will open the envelope. Conversely studies have shown that direct mail correspondence with a professionally printed return address but without a logo are 50 times more likely to be opened and read. That means you now have a 50/50 chance that your marketing materials will be viewed. Now add a logo and that ratio goes up even farther. If 10 out of 100 people open the blank envelop out of curiosity an envelope with a logo will have an 80% chance of being opened. That is a number most marketing executives can live with. Studies show that less than 5% of all opened direct mail advertising is acted upon. Well if only 10% are even reading it, that 5% just got a lot smaller. However if you send out 10,000 pieces of mail and 80% of the people read it, and 5% act on it you now have an overall rate of return or ROI of 400 responses that is an overall response of 4%. What you do with those responses is up to you. You can’t service or sell your customers anything until you get their attention. Stop and ask yourself this question, if you were the consumer, and you were looking for a gutter cleaning service, would you open an envelope with no return address or just an address and no logo? What if a piece of mail came in envelope with a logo near the return address, would you open it; if for no other reason than to see what they had to offer? So plan on ordering business printed envelopes with free logo before your next mailing and get your business seen.

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