No matter what business you are in, any mailing transaction: information, marketing, billing, and payroll needs to be placed into an envelope to be mailed. 


Some office communications are just too sensitive to be trusted to e-mail and need to be sent interoffice.  Even those offices striving to be as paperless as possible require a great many envelopes in any given month.  There is no getting away from the constant need for paper envelopes.   Ordering office materials falls on the office manager, and a good office manager needs to know where to find all the different kinds of envelopes the business requires and at the best prices.


There are many styles to choose from depending on the type of mail.  Most business offices are familiar with the window envelope, but there are double window security envelopes for safety and convenience when mailing checks.  This is the best choice when used with pre-printed checks.  Single and double window envelopes come with security features and can be used with printed return stickers.  More convenient and professional looking are envelopes which are printed with your companys return address.  Many businesses choose to include their company logo for easy branding identification.  Available too, are envelopes to match business checks, forms, and stationary.

Other features include tinted windows, self-seals, flip and stick closures, and coin envelopes.  There are size variances as well.  Along with the standard legal size envelopes, there are larger envelopes so that large packs of papers need not be folded.  You may find that you need reinforced envelopes, which are handy for photos or any other mail you dont want to bend, tear, or scratch.

Many companies find that they use a combination of sizes and find that for some occasions it is more secure or convenient to hand address envelopes.  Using blank envelopes can also be a cheaper alternative to using printed envelopes for personal correspondence. 


Finding a single-stop online resource for all business envelopes needs is easy if you know about Check-O-Matic business checks and envelopes.  With a few time restraints, printed envelopes can be mailed back to you the very next day.  Once an account has been established, reordering is even simpler. As this site keeps your order history; there is no need to upload your logo again and again.  Go online to find out how much more expedient this process can be. 

Find printed envelopes and everything else you need to run your business easily and efficiently.  We at Check-O-Matic are pleased to serve you with all your business envelopes.

Printed envelopes is an increasingly popular marketing method for businesses of all sizes, available in many custom shapes and sizes with option of uploading your logo and business identity, Check o Matic is having it all, matching your quickbooks checks & all sort of business checks. Starting from double window envelopes to complete blank envelopes Check o Matic has it all.

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