Pros And Cons Of Quickbooks Checks Online

The need for checks permeates both work and home, which is why the QuickBooks checks online have worked out so well for both everyday bill payers and employers.

To help you know if this software will be good for you, here are all the pros and cons of using this system of computer-based checking. The Pros of QuickBooks Checks One of the biggest hassles of any new software is the set up. Thankfully, QuickBooks Checks makes this set up very simple. The chart set ups and company set-ups are easy to set up as well, so no matter what the reason for the software, it will be a relatively hassle free process. QuickBooks checks online can be accessed 24-hours a day. It can be used at any location with a printer and web access. QBO also provides auto back ups, that make keeping track of your checks and records infallible. It is automatically backed up off site on the Intuit servers. For you own records, it provides official financial statements, check stubs, expense reports for checks written through the QuickBooks checks software. The software is even capable of being compatible with the iPhone for read only and even issuing invoices to customers whenever the need arises. One of the best offers that QuickBooks checks can give its users is the 30 day trial offer. Those 30 days go by rather quickly, but if you do a lot of business, it can be more than enough time to know if the system will work for you. Unfortunately, there are some cons, or negatives, about using QuickBooks, be sure to consider all the pros and cons before making the jump from manual checks to computer-based QBO checks. The first of the negatives when using this software is that it doesn’t export to MS Excel what so ever. That makes it impossible to convert the work from QBO to an easy to look at alternative. QuickBooks Checks Plus is the only alternative to the Basic plan that allows more than 5 customers. If you want to use the free QBO Basics, which is only $9.99 after the first 30 days, you’ll have to limit use as much as possible. If you upgrade to Plus, you’ll get more freedom to do as you wish, but that costs $34.95 a month after the first 30 days that are free. If you use an accountant and QuickBooks checks, the accountant will not get free access to the account as you, the administrator of the account. This can cause a small headache when operating the system between you and a third party, such as your professional accountant. One of the biggest flaws of QuickBooks checks is the fact that it is not compatible with 1099s forms. For those who need this type of form, a professional accountant will need to have access to your account. After knowing all the pros and cons, you are now ready to decide if the 30-day trial would be good for you.

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