How Quickbooks Checks With a COLOR Logo is a powerful tool to your Business Branding Efforts

How QuickBooks Checks with a COLOR Logo helps with your Business Branding Efforts

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Studies have shown that our brains prefer brands that we recognize. Other studies have shown how important COLOR is in branding and brand recognition:

39% - How much more memorable COLOR makes your branding over black and white.
60% - How often people decide if they are attracted to brand messaging based on COLOR alone.
90% - of snap judgments about products are based on COLOR alone.

Logo COLORS differentiate your brand from your competitors. You want your logo to stand out.

Consistency in brand messaging makes you stand out, reinforces your messaging, increases trust and authority, and drives both loyalty and brand evangelism.

Brand consistency is important to more than just your customers. Your employees, vendors, and investors are all important relationships that benefit from a strong brand image.

You want your logo to be consistent and true - COLOR and all - from your website to your email newsletters to your print materials and mailings.

Infographic brought to you by: Check O Matic, offering COLOR logos on your custom Quickbooks business checks and envelopes for consistency in ALL of your branding.