Quickbooks Checks Cost You Less

Quickbooks Checks are checks that are compatible with the Quickbooks accounting and business software program package.

Compatibility for checks means that if you have to print a check the name of the payee, date, amount of the check (in both dollars or any other currency and in written form), and even the signature all get printed legibly and on the correct line. Yes, if you want to print a signature that is both legal and easily done with Quickbooks Checks. There are many advantages to using Quickbooks Checks versus other form printed checks. These advantages include cost, instant accuracy and traceability of checks created, traceability of who printed the checks, theft protection, fraud prevention, and the ability to control cash flow to improve profit by timing check printing to maximize interest. There is also an electronic transfer capability that virtually eliminates paper checks. Even though electronic transfer is faster, safer, and costs less many people still require a printed check for payment. Quickbooks Checks allows you to print checks on preprinted check forms purchased from any printer worldwide for fractions of a cent per check. The checks have the account code and tracking code for any bank you need printed on them. Even less costly cheek forms can be created with a multitude of print your own checks software programs. Quickbooks Checks can be printed with anything you can possibly want on the face of the check. You can advertise your business, a special sale, or print an image of you location on the check. Everyone that reads the check (cashiers, customers, payees, accountants, and bank employees) gets your product or service put in front of their eye. You can have a printer do the printing or do it yourself. You can also include a watermark for safety. You get much more control of your business's money with Quickbooks Checks. You can create a check payment queue that times the printing of each check. This allows you to pay at exactly the last possible moment. Paying at the last possible moment means you make more interest on the money you are paying with and can mean you pay less interest on a loan if you are borrowing money to meet a payroll. The Quickbooks program has a user tracing feature that allows you to track who printed a check and when they printed it with Quickbooks Checks. This feature can prevent theft or pilfering by employees and can also protect you from fraud if your business's checking account is pilfered by an internet thief or scammer. Increased profitability through cost savings on checks and interest, improved accountability through check printing identification, and better safety measures that prevent theft makes Quickbooks Checks an ideal addition to your company’s accounting software package.

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